Faye Fantarrow, A British Singer Songwriter Who Was Coached By Eurythmics, Died Tragically At The Age Of 21 After Fighting A Rare Brain Tumor


Faye Fantarrow, A British Singer Songwriter Who Was Coached By Eurythmics, Died Tragically At The Age Of 21 After Fighting A Rare Brain Tumor:

Dave Stewart helped guide and produce British singer-songwriter Faye Fantarrow. She died at her home upon Saturday, a year after she was diagnosed with glioma, a violent and rare brain tumor. She turned 21.

Fantarrow’s mother, Pam Fantarrow, as well as the singer’s public social media pages both posted about her death last night. The young woman battled leukemia twice, when she was 8 and 13.

Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, who was her manager and with whom she was working on an EP, said that she was “unique” as well as “so amazing, funny, and chock-full of life.” Her family said that the 21-year-old singer was “the brightest star upon the darkest night” and had “a passion for living.”

In August 2022, Faye Was Working With Stewart When She Found Out She Had A Growth That Was Very Dangerous:

Faye had cancer when she was a child. In August 2022, she was working with Stewart when she found out she had a very dangerous growth. He stated that he “loved everything” regarding the singer as well as “had such an enjoyable time” making songs with her.

Stewart said in a statement, “Faye was a joy to be around. She was funny, sharp as a razor, as well as a true artist every single way.” “Being alongside her as well as watching her work is like a gem stuck in my head. Those are times I won’t ever forget.

I’m lucky to have met Faye as well as her mom, Pam. Together, they were fighting for Faye’s life against all chances.

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Faye, Along With Her Lyrics And Melodies Is On Fire:

Seeing their strength and honor has been both painful and beautiful, and I’m so sad that the world was able to see Faye’s talent for a period of time. She is one of the all-time greats, a northern girl whose words and tunes set the world on fire. I really cared about her.”

“It’s an awful, awful loss. She could have gained a lot of fans who knew what she was talking about. I love that she didn’t lose her accent. She stayed very true to herself. More than £265,000 was raised by the local music scene so she could get care in the US.

Fantarrow was told she had glioma in August of last year, when she was working with producer Stewart on her first EP, AWOL. Stewart’s Bay Street Records put out the EP in February. The single “The Weekend” as well as a video for it were then shot in Sunderland.

Faye Was Older Than Her Years, But She Was Wise, Kind, And Wise Beyond Her Years:

Within a statement, her family stated they were “broken as well as desolate” after she died. People said that Faye was wise, caring, and wise beyond her years.

“She loved with all her heart, laughed easily, as well as lived her life to the fullest. Laura Brewis, who is married to David Brewis of Field Music and is a family friend, said she met Faye in 2018 at an event for young artists.

“When she showed up with a guitar as well as a fur coat, it was pretty clear that she didn’t require much help from us,” she said. “Sometimes we just had to point her in the right direction.”

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Fantarrow said in a statement after the well-reviewed EP came out, “Life rarely goes as planned, but the plan has always been to write, sing, as well as act, and I’ve been lucky to be free to do those things. I’m so happy about the great chance I was given. I will always remember how special it was to work on the record with Dave Stewart.

Faye Is Very Helpful For Other Musicians And Swiftly Became An Important Part Of The Music Scene In The North East:

“Faye had a lot of natural ability and artistic vision, and she took every chance with a lot of energy, so it was no wonder that she took off quickly and got noticed by people like Dave Stewart.

“Even though she had been through a lot in her short life, she did not let her illness be the center of attention. She was an artist first and foremost. She was also kind, funny, fiercely smart, as well as had both feet firmly on the ground.

She also said that the singer was “hugely supportive” of other artists and got an essential component of the North East music scene very quickly. Ms. Brewis said that the money she got to get care in the US was “the best proof” of how much of an effect she had.

Annie Lennox, Who Used To Be In The Band He Was In, Also Gave £10,000:

Stewart, who was Faye’s boss at the time, gave £50,000 toward the surgery. Annie Lennox, who used to be in his band, also gave £10,000. The first $100,000 was made in a week.

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“I could feel the affection and backing for her, and so much money was raised within such a short amount of time,” Ms. Brewis stated. “She will always be a huge example to young artists in Sunderland and all over the world. Being a part for her life has been a huge honor. We really love her.”