Fearful punishment of love: a lover and girlfriend locked in a room, both of them burnt alive


Banda (UP): A very frightening case has come to light in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. A lover-girlfriend was locked in a room and set on fire. Both lives were burnt due to fire in the room. Both have died. The lover came home in lockdown. Girlfriend called her and called her. Both were in the room. Then the family members of the woman burnt their lives and killed both of them. Four people have been arrested in this case. Also Read – The bride who went to make-up on the wedding day, the lover reached the spot said ‘Sanam Bewafa’ and then …

Karkha is a village in Matundh area of ​​Banda district. It is being told that 25-year-old Bhola Ark resides in Surat. Came home on lockdown. He was having a love affair with a 20-year-old girl from the village itself. Both young men were homogeneous. It is said that the girl called the young man to meet her at the phone. The young man arrived in the afternoon only when called. The room both of them were in was crude. There are two rooms, its inking was felt by the girl’s family. The family closed the door of the house from outside. And set it on fire. Also Read – Three more marriages in 3 years, except for the woman who got married 11 years ago, the police also shocked by what happened

According to the villagers, when both started burning, people screamed, people tried to save both by listening to the voices. Both of them took the villagers to the hospital, where they died. IG K. Chitrakoot Range Satyanarayana told that both were in the room. Then the family members have carried out this incident. Four people have been arrested in connection with the incident. Also Read – Had to get married, man hiding in truck with Russian girlfriend reached Shimla from Noida, then …


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