FIFA 23 introduces its first three FUT Heroes, the new legends of the football game


EA Sports has confirmed Yaya Touré, Park Ji-Sung and Ricardo Carvalho for Ultimate Team mode.

We all know that in the football saga of EA SportsUltimate Team mode has been at the heart of every installment for several years now, and FIFA 23 is no different. Despite the fact that some users complain about the decisions regarding other modalities, the FUT is what interests the most, and therefore its news is eagerly awaited every time a new release approaches.

All three will have a version of the World CupFrom Electronic Arts they have wanted to leave us a small preview of some of the players who will be protagonists in this new edition of Ultimate Team, specifically of the legends, called FUT Heroescards that represent memorable moments in the players’ careers.

For FUT 23 they have confirmed the arrival of the Ivorian midfielder Yaya Tourethe South Korean of Manchester United Park Ji-Sung and the Portuguese central defender Ricardo Carvalho. All three will also have a special version of the FIFA World Cup available from November 11, defining their highlights as follows:

  • Yaya Toure: “Yaya Touré was a pillar in midfield and became a hero at Manchester City in the 2011/2012 season by helping the Citizens win their first Premier League in 44 years. That year is remembered for the historic goal scored by a certain Argentinian striker at the last minute to win the league. However, the iconic Ivorian player scored a couple of goals earlier to keep his team’s chances of winning the title alive. He is a true Hero of FUT”.
  • Park Ji-Sung: “It’s no surprise that Park Ji-Sung earned his inclusion as a FUT Hero within the first minute of a match. This enthusiastic South Korean was quick as a cannonball when he played, squeezing defenders from midfield and harassing his opponents with relentless pressure. His assist in the decider against Chelsea in a scant 36 seconds made him a Premier League champion and an undisputed FUT Hero.”
  • Ricardo Carvalho: “All heroes have a story about their origins. Ricardo Carvalho’s story began in his homeland Portugal. During his time at Porto FC he went from playing on loan to being the best player in the league. Carvalho culminated his success in a unforgettable European night in which he was crowned the FUT Hero he is today by leading Porto to a crushing 3-0 victory against AS Monaco in the perfect ending to one of the most iconic editions of the UEFA Champions League of all The times. This triumph was also his springboard to land in the Premier League, where his exploits with Chelsea became legendary.”
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FIFA 23 opens on PC (where it has already revealed its requirements), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch (although with the Legacy Edition, without great news) the next September 30, 2022 with different novelties, such as a greater prominence of women’s football or the inclusion of two official FIFA world cups.

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