FIFA 23 shows its cards in an extensive gameplay: one more step in its soccer simulation


EA Sports delves into what’s new in HyperMotion2, and mechanics like “the shoe.”

As they advanced a few days ago, EA Sports has chosen this afternoon to present the first FIFA 23 gameplay trailer, the latest installment of the franchise under this name that will hit stores on September 30. In just over 10 minutes, users of the soccer video game have been able to see a preview of some of the main playable novelties of the soccer simulator.

Specifically, they wanted to dedicate this long gameplay commented on by various video game managers to delve into HyperMotion2, the great advance against FIFA 22 presented by EA Sports, but a lot of footage has also been dedicated to talking about everything related to women’s football , as well as the new mechanics incorporated in the side of the attack, the defense, the goalkeepers and the skill moves.

HyperMotion describes itself in video as innovative new generation technology, which combines advanced 11v11 match capture and machine learning. Specifically, motion capture data has been taken from two full matches and five training sessions with professional teams, including the first motion capture of a women’s match, which allows its developers to offer more realistic and higher quality animationson the one hand, but also bet on even more advanced AI systems.


You can go into more detail about all this through a section on the FIFA 23 website, which also includes another special dedicated to new mechanics. Among them, considerable attention has been paid to the shoea new skill-based, risk-reward balancing shooting option that brings even more powerful and impressive shots to the gaming experience.

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There are also novelties for rehearsed plays, advanced impact physics, network interaction physics, a new collision prediction system that improves the perception of players on the field, etc.

FIFA 23 launches on September 30 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia in its new generation version. It will also come to PS4 and Xbox One, with a Legacy Edition reserved for another year for those who play on Switch. You can read more about the simulator in the impressions playable with FIFA 23 published in 3DJuegos.

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