Fight Against Covid-19: India achieved another milestone in the Battle of Corona, more than a million Kovid-19 Tests done in 1 day


new Delhi: The whole world is currently caught in a coronavirus infection. Everyone is just waiting for when the corona vaccine will arrive. Before the vaccine, every country is fighting a battle against Kovid-19 according to its strength. India is also taking extensive measures to defeat Corona and save the country from it. From the beginning, India took many such steps which saved the situation from getting worse. Now in the fight against Corona, India has achieved another big place. Also Read – When will the deadly corona end? Learn what the WHO chief said …

On Saturday morning, it was informed by the Ministry of Health that in the course of the fight with Corona, India achieved another great position. Actually, India achieved the milestone of testing one million i.e. more than one million corona in one day. There are very few countries where such a large number of corona tests are being done in a day. Also Read – Covid-19 in Bihar: Around 2500 new cases of corona a day, 1.17 lakh people infected with Kovid-19 so far

Corona figures are increasing rapidly in India. More than fifty Haja cases are being reported daily in the country for the last one month. At present, more than 29 lakh people are infected with corona in India. So far, about 55,000 thousand people have died in India from Corona.

With more and more tests of Corona, real cases of infection will be revealed in the country and steps can be taken to prevent its spread as fast. Therefore a large number of covid trials have an important role in the Battle of Corona. Due to late detection of the patient, the risk of infection increases significantly.


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