Final Fantasy 14 details its roadmap: updates with improvements in experience and textures


In addition, the return of the free trial version is confirmed after being temporarily suspended due to the success of its expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV continues to be extremely popular among game lovers. MMORPGsomething that has been demonstrated with an avalanche of users that forced the suspension of sales after the premiere of the expansion Endwalker. From Square Enix they are trying to further improve the user experience both in content and graphic quality, and that is why they have prepared a broadcast in which a Roadmap that addresses both goals.

Future updates will also add new missions and locationsAs reported by fellow Vida Extra, the overall goal of the studio is to continue supporting their game. for the next ten years. This will be carried out, on the one hand, with an improvement in the system Trust that expands the possibilities for those users who want to play alone. After all, players can be paired with AI controlled characters to access dungeons and other scenarios without the need for a group of people.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

The individual experience will also expand to other dungeons of the game to facilitate entry for new users or for players to continue exploring solo. But the updates for Final Fantasy XIV do not end here, since an improvement in the graphic quality of the MMORPG has also been promised. In this way, Square Enix ensures that the next expansion It will be accompanied by an update that will be noticeable in higher resolution textures, lighting and shadow improvements, and more skins.

As you can already imagine, the patches will also incorporate new missions, locations and, ultimately, reasons to continue playing Final Fantasy XIV. On the other hand, the return of the free trial version, which had been paralyzed after the avalanche of users mentioned at the beginning of this news. From tomorrow, February 22players will be able to access this trial to learn about the world of Final Fantasy XIV from limited way.

That said, there’s no doubt that the MMORPG has its work cut out for it, as Square Enix’s support for its game is intended to be long-lasting. Of course, the community was concerned about the possible integration of NFT in the title after some statements from the CEO of the company, but it has already been announced that this digital asset will be completely out of Final Fantasy XIV.

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