Final Fantasy 7 Remake: the second part will take advantage of more PS5


The news of Final Fantasy VII Remake are not that positive in every way for gamers, and many have felt somewhat ripped off by the kind of adaptation of the game in PS5, which seems not to take advantage of all the functions (something acceptable since it was designed for PS4), as reflected in Comicbook.

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In addition to matters of exclusive DLCs for PS5, the subject of the game update for the new machine has been addressed by its director, Tetsuya Nomura, who assures that we will not see a real improvement that takes advantage of the Sony console until the second part .

“In terms of graphics, lighting and textures are the main adjustments that can be appreciated, although environmental effects such as fog have been added to increase the feeling of realism and immersion in the world,” he said in an interview with Famitsu. “As for the adaptive triggers, the support is partial. But if we are talking about using all the functions of the PS5, please wait for the next game, so we can start from scratch on it.”

We remind you that Square also had to clarify that the Yuffie DLC is an exclusive episode for PS5. This means that to play it we will have to buy the remake from a PS5 or if we already have it, install the update of the new machine (if we acquired it on PS4 at the time); although the aforementioned DLC must be purchased anyway, although the update with improvements of the main game is still possible at no additional cost.

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