Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi confirms the launch of his new game: Fantasian


If you are lovers of Final Fantasy in general and the more retro side of the saga in particular, this news interests you especially. Mistwalker (Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon), Hironobu Sakaguchi’s studio, has just unveiled their new game. And it is an exclusive title for Apple platforms for Apple Arcade.

Its titled Fantasian, and is an exciting new role-playing game set against a spectacular backdrop created with over 150 handcrafted dioramas that combine physical environments and 3D characters. And if you were wondering … yes. The game will also feature the soundtrack by acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu. You can watch the game’s story trailer below. For now, only in Japanese.

The information, which has been echoed @Nibellion, has been published in the Apple store. The fact is that the game already has a main page and, with it, a lot of details have been revealed. For example, details about the history of the title. This is what the official description says about the argument:

“The story begins in a kingdom ruled by machines. Within this multidimensional universe, the balance of ‘Chaos and order’ becomes a key factor in the fight for these kingdoms and the machinations of the gods who wish to control them. Players will assume the role of the protagonist, Leo, who awakens from a massive explosion only to find himself lost in a strange land with only one memory for him. As players set out on a journey to retrieve Leo’s memories, they will unravel the mysteries of the strange mechanical infection that slowly engulfs all that mankind knows. “.

In the same way, some of the keys to the project at the playable level have also been revealed. For example, regarding battle mechanics. And according to the official description, the game will bet on the classic JRPG genre, but with new features. In fact, the “Dimengeon Battle” mechanic is mentioned, which will allow players to send previously encountered enemies into a separate dimensional dungeon to speed up combat and maximize non-stop exploration of the scenarios.

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Finally, a novel and original way of presenting the narrative is also mentioned. Basically, a system in the form of “memory”, in which players find and collect various memories, journal entries and notes presented as miniature novels in the game to develop the story, kingdoms, and characters of Fantasian. And apparently these little novels feature unique artwork, music, and sound effects to offer gamers a truly immersive experience. Below you can see the trailer that summarizes all these characteristics.

At the moment we do not know if the game will reach the West, although it is likely that it will. Also, the fact that the feature trailer is indeed translated into English gives us some hope.