Final Fantasy VII Remake as a mock-up: this is how beautiful the JRPG looks with the ‘Tilt shift’ technique


Artist Flurdeh has shared a video of the city of Midgar turned into a world of animated miniatures.

The decadent beauty of the streets of midgar He already knew how to conquer us in 1997 and Final Fantasy VII Remake only made us reaffirm our love for Square Enix’s legendary JRPG. That is why we cannot help but see, over and over again, the precious delicate work of Flurdehwho from his YouTube channel has shared a whole series of videos dedicated to the ‘Tilt-Shift’ technique.

The technique is used in photography to make a life-size object looks like a miniature scale model. The effect is executed after taking a photograph from a perspective similar to the one we would normally photograph a model along with some blurred areas that simulate the shallow depth of field that we normally find in close-up photographs.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Flurdeh brings this creative effect to Final Fantasy VII Remake, and achieves it after change the plane and integrate the blur. The game’s own graphic section helps to make the effect even more consistent, while changing the rhythm of the scenes, achieving movements in our characters that are reminiscent of those in the stop-motion mockups.

The result is simply sensational, and has made us imagine what the Square Enix remake could have looked like if they had sought to respect a camera game more similar to that of the original title. In 3DJuegos we already share with you the impeccable work of Flurdeh with Elden Ring, where the artist imagined FromSoftware’s work as if it were a classic RPG.

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