Final Fantasy XVI confirms its release date with a new trailer from The Game Awards 2022


A new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI has been shown at The Game Awards 2022, revealing not only new gameplay snippets, but also a release date: June 22, 2023.

The new trailer, which you can watch below, shows footage of the combat system from Final Fantasy XVI. we can also cast another look at the game’s epic summoning systemwith the appearance of Ifrit, who rises above the human characters on screen.

We last saw Final Fantasy XVI back in October, when the “Ambition” trailer revealed how crystals (a Final Fantasy staple dating back to the original game) play into the story, as well as a closer look at the characters in the game, the world of Valisthea and its many kingdoms.

Although that world resembles Ivalice, the land of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, many have seen parallels between it and gritty fantasy settings like those seen in Game of Thrones, something we discussed in our exclusive interview with the team. developmental.

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