Final Fantasy XVI details how it takes advantage of the power of PS5: “it makes it a roller coaster”


Naoki Yoshida, producer of the Square Enix title, has shared some news about the game.

These days, Final Fantasy XVI is topical because its producer, Naoki Yoshidahas decided to share more details of the next great title of Square Enix. He has done it with us in a special advance that you have in 3DJuegos, but he has also spoken with PlayStation given the exclusivity of the game on consoles.

On the official PlayStation blog we can read an interview with Yoshida in which the producer talks about how they have taken advantage of the hardware of Sony’s new generation console. He assures that PS5 has allowed them do things that were not possible in previous generationsand puts the crosshairs on the SSD hard drive.

What impresses me the most is the loading timesNaoki Yoshida“Thanks to the increased processing power, obviously the graphics are much richer than before, but super fast loading times are what impresses me the most“, explains Yoshida, who has not said anything about specific functionalities with accessories such as the DualSense.

Final Fantasy XVI

“In Final Fantasy XVI you can jump directly from story scenes to real-time battles and back with no load times, allowing for a dizzying game flow. Thanks to the technology of PlayStation 5, Final Fantasy XVI can become a real roller coaster, “he says.

Although Final Fantasy XVI for PS5 and PC does not have a specific release date marked on the calendar, the latest trailer schedules its premiere for summer 2023. The next dose of information will arrive this fall, since its producer has confirmed that in those months we will have another trailer prior to launch.

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