‘Find the Invisible Cow’ Is An Internet Time Killer Game And It’s Fun Because Of How Absurd It Is


From time to time we usually publish a web page that, although it does not enrich us as people, is usually an excellent way to kill time. Today’s case is about a game that stands out for how absurd it is. We are talking about ‘Find the Invisible Cow’.

It’s not a new game, far from it, but how quickly it made me burst out laughing was reason enough to start writing about it. And it is that as its name indicates, is based on finding an ‘invisible cow’.

A simple game to kill time

The rules are very simple; we just have to move the mouse cursor along the entire screen until we find the cow. For it, we have to guide ourselves from the sounds, which will be increasingly loud and strident the closer we get.

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When we find a total of 5 cows we can choose to look for a different animal. And after that, if we do it another 50 times, we will unlock the final animal. And yes, with each paragraph written in this article I have returned to the web to make a few more attempts. The voice of the person behind the sounds is my weakness.

In case you are reading us via mobile, do not worry, since the website is also optimized for mobile devices, only in this case we will have to drag our finger until we find the animal. If we prefer, the game also has an Android application that you can download through the Play Store.

At the time of writing this article, more than 67 million animals have been found, a figure that is updated in real time. Hopefully this article can contribute to finding many more.


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