Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes, analysis and opinions of the game for Nintendo Switch


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has surprised me. Far from meaning one more musou, he has been able to give the best version of the Omega Force musou to combine it perfectly with the elements of Fire Emblem. The result is a deep, long-lasting and highly entertaining title. I tell you everything in this review.

I’m used to seeing each of Koei Tecmo’s experiments with Nintendo in the field of musou, and I can say that Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes goes beyond anything I’ve played to date. It perfectly fuses the action scheme of this peculiar genre with the tactical and strategic essence of the Intelligent Systems franchise. The result is a title with a number of hours of play, overwhelming in options and, above all, very entertaining to play if you know what you’re coming for.

The first Fire Emblem Warriors, released four years ago, also shone for offering the identity keys of the Fire Emblem saga. Added to this was the fact that he respected the iconic characters of the series, as well as the designs and the soundtrack. The script was a mere excuse to bring together characters from several of the licensed video games, but the scheme worked and gave rise to a vertiginous hack ‘n slash, with tactical and strategic elements, thus bringing together two ways of understanding video games. . All this has been collected and has been enhanced in this “sequel”, only taking as a model the great Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This video game is a way of projecting its shadow under a new playable scheme, proposing an alternate story which helps expand the universe of the main adventure. It is something like a spin-off, especially dedicated to the fans, but even so it can surprise anyone due to the high levels of quality and dedication that it shows. Therefore, I invite you to continue reading whatever your case, because the only thing you need to enjoy it is to own a Nintendo Switch.

One of the best musou ever made

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I have to tell you first of all that the narrated story is different from the one you experienced in FE: Three Houses. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but although it shares a universe, it has been designed to attract not only those who played it, but also those who are new to it. However, it is not without interest. They return the three factions in dispute within the continent of Fodlán, this time managing Shez (boy or girl, depending on our choice) who will also have to decide which of the sides to join as soon as the game starts.

The scheme, as you can see, is similar to that of the video game on which it is based, and I am already telling you that it traces many of its premises, both narrative and playable. To begin with, we must decide whether to join the forces of Edelgard, Dimitri o Claude. Depending on it, we will live a series of battles and have a lot of different conversations. Basically, it is not the same to experience the war from the point of view of the houses of Adrestia, Faerghus or Leicester. That is the big difference between opting for one story or the other, although we also have different endingsso the approach is that of a game that, in addition to being durable, is highly replayable.

Fire Emblem Warriors anal

I have been completely surprised by the approach established, as well as the presence of beautiful animation sequences in certain parts of the story. There is a lot of work behind the narrative part, in this case with the appearance of completely new characters, such as
, a mysterious being that only we are able to see and hear. He becomes our greatest ally in the particular fight against Shadow Scourgeraised as the villain of the plot and that will leave you in awe when you learn more about him.

I would tell you that the best way to enjoy Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is by reading the ton of dialogue that the developers have prepared, but that’s not true. In fact, this game is designed so that you can skip the dialogue if you want, and still enjoy what the game has to offer, which is a lot of things. The main thing you already know: real-time combat with blows to hundreds of enemies to create spectacular combos that send enemies flying. This is a musou, and you won’t find anything to make you think otherwise.

Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch

In addition to being durable, it is highly replayableLos combos they’re as simple to run as ever, with lots of variations depending on the sequence of buttons you use. That’s great. You also have the lock-on action (a must), the dodge action (which I also ended up using a lot of) and the shield action (which I barely used). as well there are a lot of characters available and you can switch between them at any time, the variety is beyond doubt. Each warrior additionally has his own repertoire of techniques, as well as special attacks. In particular, Shez boasts an ability known as the awakeningan altered state that rapidly stuns enemies, leaving them shivering.

Apart from all this, there are optional strategies, such as assign lieutenants, which enables the option to perform what are known as buddy special attacks. Also keep in mind that each unit has unique abilities and some even have emblems with different properties. Then you have to consider the triangle of arms so classic of the saga. You already know that in FE: Three Houses this system was modified by the incorporation of class skills such as anti-swords, anti-axes or anti-lances. Staying true to the spirit of the original game, the developers have reintroduced these abilities.

Amazing playable depth

Fire Emblem Warriors

So I could go on paragraphs and paragraphs. There are over a hundred entries in the tutorials, so it could never end. The complexity of this video game is overwhelming, and it will take you a long time to understand what each thing is for. I personally like it, but I want you to know, because although you can play without applying half of this knowledge, to overcome some battles you will have to apply some of it. It all also depends on which difficulty level you choose (easy, normal or hard), as well as whether you opt for the novice or classic game mode. If you select the latter, units lost in a battle cannot be recoveredas has traditionally happened in the Fire Emblem game saga.

So FEW: Three Hopes is on the surface a button masher, but at its core it has all the depth of a Fire Emblem. By this I mean the ability to prepare for battle, pre-position your units, and even give orders in full battle to be defended or attacked by a fortress while you are on other things. You’ll even be presented with a set of strategies before the matchups. You won’t be able to select them all, because your strategic points they will not be unlimited. It will be up to you to discard the least attractive, according to your style as a strategist.

Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch

All this is very positive, and as I told you, I left a lot of things in the pipeline, because it is overwhelming. What I would have liked is that this dedication had also been applied to the missions, because here there has not been so much success. They are usually summed up to finish off a certain boss, rescue a character, protect a position, avoid an escape… The typical. I have not seen anything that was not in other musou, and it would have been something to be thankful for. The variety is also not the best, with objectives that are repeated. Of course, I have to say in favor of the scheme that the number of activities in each mission has been increased, so that you are forced to divide your troops and assign them orders. That’s brilliantly solved.

Three Hopes is on the surface a button masher, but at its core it has all the depth of a Fire Emblem.Besides, it is fair to say that the scheme works very well, with even large enemies and high destructive power that are quite satisfying to defeat. Then there is the issue that certain units can overcome specific obstacles: air units can fly across cliffs and armored units can destroy walls that prevent access to some areas of the mapping.

Regarding the structure, it is well measured. The game is divided into chapters, and each of them consists of a lot of conversations that plunge us into the disputes between the three houses. A map of each region is also presented, with mandatory and other accessory battles, which however allow you to conquer new areas and obtain a greater number of rewards. Thus, the game allows you to go at your own pace: faster or slower depending on whether or not you omit optional events.

Fire Emblem Warriors

This is where the importance of camp, a place where I repeatedly went to improve my characters and their equipment. It’s basically like a small town, similar to what we had in FE: Three Houses, where you could freely explore and have conversations. This is much the same, with the presence of several enclaves. Do you have the bazar to buy various objects, a forging to upgrade and repair weapons (yes, they wear out like in any Fire Emblem), a training station to level up your units, once Main Square where to unlock new classes…

Just like in Three Houses, you can give presents to other characters and thus improve your relationship. The same can also be achieved by expeditionsorganizing meals or practicing the so-called support conversations. Users who played the Intelligent Systems title will remember all these dynamics, because they are rescued as they were conceived. And it has surprised me. If I didn’t have enough of the tactical complexity applied to battles, I’ve also been able to experience it outside of them.

A museum cared for in detail

Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch

There is a lot of dedication in offering a complete title, and I have also seen this in the system options, those that you almost never notice, but here they attract a lot of attention. For example, if you’re one of those who don’t like to see enemy bars or numbers everywhere, you can disable them. The same goes for level up windows, scene spawns, or mission reports. There are many elements that can interrupt the fast-paced action of a musou, and here you have plenty of alternatives to choose how you want the rhythm to be. By the way, the game includes again two-player split-screen co-opa blessing for players like me, who like to share cooperative campaign.

It is a very good job in general, with enormous dedicationTechnically the game I am not going to hide from you that it is simply acceptable. It moves well and I haven’t noticed any frame-rate misbehavior. After all, this is a Nintendo Switch, and in this sense I think the hardware is reasonably used. Yes indeed, you will not get rid of a quite pronounced fog effect and an equally noticeable popping, albeit well managed. The dozens of enemies on the horizon are drawn little by little, so it is something that ultimately goes unnoticed while you play. After all, the important thing here is to press buttons and see the careful animations, as well as the frequent visual effects, which are the most striking element of the set.

Of course, the game comes with texts correctly translated into Spanish, as well as the option to choose between voices in English or Japanese. The soundtrack is based on versions of the original themes of FE: Three Houses, with more moving themes but equally outstanding. The truth is that they fit perfectly with the action and have enough melodies not to be repetitive. It is a very good job in general, with a huge dedication, which I would like to see reflected in all the Omega Force games from now on. It is the way.


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