Fired through an SMS from Social Security: the story of a worker who categorizes his dismissal as “very crappy”


Day by day there are many workers who are unfortunately fired in our country. Although for this there is a prior procedure that aims to protect their labor dignity, such as notify 15 days in advance or send a letter of dismissal with justification of reasons. But this is not what happened to Néstor, a worker who has recounted his surreal dismissal through a simple SMS.

This story, which although it seems comical, has been related by the worker through a tweet what has got more than 6000 likes and that has caused surprise in many users of the social network.

A surprise dismissal while on sick leave

In this tweet, and in a subsequent interview that he has granted to the medium 20minutos, he has reported that since June 26 he was on sick leave after an operation. But on the same day, June 31, he received an SMS from Social Security informing of his dismissal as an active worker. This is a normal procedure of the administration when a high or low work occurs.

Without a doubt, this created a great surprise for him, as he has stated in his tweet, in which he assures that he was laughing all morning at the situation that had arisen. In the interview that he has granted, he states that at first I thought it was your common sick leavebut in the end it was the complete settlement of his employment contract.

How to request the online work life report from Social Security

After sending a screenshot through WhatsApp to his boss, he directly left it on read, without offering any explanation. But along with this he wrote a message that was the “most seedy by far” dismissal. In the end, he has managed to get the businessman who would have liked this story to go unnoticed for failing to comply with various labor laws and the Workers’ Statute, has had a great impact.

Now a long legal process is opening, from which Néstor will surely get the best labor specialists having been fired while he was discharged, something that cannot be done and neither can he receive a dismissal letter as required by law. It is also possible that the employer did not know that this type of communication is received by SMS and wanted to fire him the first day of his reinstatement. What is clear is that Nestor will have a story to tell even if it ended in this ending.


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