Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 2: Release Date, Cast, And More


Since its first episode on February 3, 2021, Firefly Lane has gotten a lot of good feedback from viewers, which hasn’t changed in the second season. The first part of the second season ended with a big cliffhanger. The episode called “Hart Shaped Box” showed what it was like for Kate and Tully to be apart for a year and try to make ends meet on their own. Since it ended on a very tense note, fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the second part, called “The Final Chapter,” to come out as soon as possible on Netflix.

For those who don’t know, Firefly Lane is a feel-good drama based on the popular novel by American author Kristin Hannah. It focuses on two best friends and the adventures they have in their personal lives and in their friendships.

When it was picked up for a second season, it was said that the 16-episode order for season 2 would be the last time that would happen. On December 2, 2022, the first nine episodes were put up on Netflix around the world. Once the second season came out on Netflix, it got into the global top 10s and stayed there for five weeks, from November 27 to January 1, 2023, with 132.90 million hours watched.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 2: Cast

At the time I’m writing this, there is no official word on who will be in the next episode of Firefly Lane Season 2. But, as usual, we anticipate most of the main characters and series regulars to be back for the next season. In the same way, take a look at the possible cast below:

  • Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart
  • Ali Skovbye as Young teenage Tully
  • London Robertson as Young Tully 1970
  • Sarah Chalke as Kate Mularkey
  • Roan Curtis as Young teenage Kate
  • Ben Lawson as Johnny Ryan
  • Beau Garrett as Cloud
  • Yael Yurman as Marah Ryan
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Danny Diaz
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Firefly Lane season 2 part 2: Plot

The first season ended with Kate and Tully fighting, and Kate told her best friend not to go to her father’s funeral. The reason for the fight was finally revealed in the second season.

Marah, Kate’s daughter, was in Tully’s care, and he allowed her out when she was supposed to be at home. After a boy at a frat party went too far, Marah asked Tully, who had been drinking, to pick her up. On the way home, another car crashed into theirs, sending them both to the hospital.

Even though the accident wasn’t Tully’s fault and neither of them was seriously hurt, Kate is still upset, which is why they have a big fight. Even though Kate turned down Tully’s attempts to make up with her at first, Part 1 ends with her showing up at Tully’s apartment after finding out she has Stage III breast cancer, only to find that Tully has just left for work in Antarctica.

Fans are now beginning to wonder what Kate’s diagnosis means for her and if she and Tully will ever be friends again. Since the show is centered on a book, we already have the answer for you.

Firefly Lane season 2 part 2: Release Date

Netflix renewed it for a second season after a few months, but it took that long because of how the first season was received by both fans and critics. Firefly Lane was picked up for a second season on May 27, 2021. Not only did the renewal news come through social media, but when Katherine Heigel and Sarah Chalke made the official announcement, they also answered questions from fans.

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Later, it was said that season 2 of Firefly Lane will come out in two parts, with the first part coming out on December 2, 2022, on Netflix. During Netflix’s Tudum event, it was announced that the second part of Firefly Lane’s second season will be out on June 8, 2023. Katherine Heigl, who plays Tully Hart, shared the news on her official Twitter account, writing, “And when you guys are done watching all of the new #FireflyLane episodes, you can look forward to 7 more!” Part 2 of Season 2 will be shown for the second time on June 8, 2023.”

Will there be a Firefly Lane season 3?

The show will end for good after season 2, which has 16 episodes. But there’s probably a good reason for that: Kristin Hannah’s original novel Firefly Lane, which came out in 2008, ends the story of Kate and Tully’s friendship for good, so season 2, part 2 is probably the end of that story.

Firefly Lane season 2 part 2: Trailer

On November 2, 2022, Netflix put out a trailer for season 2 of Firefly Lane. This was exactly one month before part 1 of season 2 came out on Netflix.

Firefly Lane season 2 part 2: Episodes

There are 16 episodes in season 2 of Firefly Lane. It’s a season of a Netflix show that is bigger than usual. On Dec. 2, Netflix put out the first nine episodes of the season. So, when the last three episodes come out on April 27, we’ll have seven to watch.