Firefox not working, it’s not you: how to fix it easily [Actualizado]


It works again. We leave the solution in case there is any case in which it fails.

Since this morning Firefox is not working properly. When we try to open any web page, the browser stays indefinitely trying to load, without offering an explanation of the problem. Technically, what seems to be happening is a problem to solve the DNS of the domains, so the browser does not know which IP to take us to load a website.

Curiously, we haven’t had the problem trying to load websites with firefox 95, because we did not have it updated to the version. The problem is, as far as we have checked and read, in Firefox 96.0 and 95.02, and according to Hacker News, the root of the problem seems to be in HTTP/3, which, if activated, does not allow the browser to establish connections.

Firefox Multiple Picture-in-Picture

How to fix it until Mozilla fixes it


Fixing Firefox is as simple as setting that setting to ‘false’

At the moment, Mozilla has not commented on the problem in its profiles on social networks. The solution that we have read and verified that it works is the following:

  • We go to ‘about:config’ in the address bar and click on ‘Accept the risk and continue’ if you get the warning.

  • Once in ‘about:config, we enter ‘network.http.http3.enabled’ in the search. We will see that it is activated, which is indicated by ‘true’.

  • We will double click on it until it is marked as ‘false’.

  • We restart Firefox (open and close the browser).

With these steps, the navigation should work for you. When everything returns to normal and Mozilla solves the problem, simply return the status of ‘network.http.http.http3.enabled’ to ‘true’ and we would have it as before, to ensure that it continues to work perfectly in the future .

Via | Jose Saez Merino


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