First images of The Walking Dead: Dead City, the spin-off starring Maggie and Negan


The Walking Dead: Dead City, the upcoming spin-off series starring Lauren Cohan’s Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, received his first pictures at The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con 2022.

Although we didn’t learn much more about the series taking place in New York City, the footage shows a bit of conflict between Maggie and Negan, some stylish shots of them on the streets of the city, and more.

You can see them in the following gallery:

The Walking Dead: Dead City was originally announced as The Walking Dead: Isle of the Dead, but has officially adopted a new name. The series centers on a Big Apple “long cut off from the mainland” and teeming with the living and the dead.

This panel was also the last NYCC panel for The Walking Dead Original Series, as its final episode will air on November 20, 2022. At the panel, fans got to see the first few minutes of this week’s new episode and New photos from the October 16 episode.

Norman Reedus was on the panel and talked a bit about the spin-off that was supposed to star his character, Daryl, and Melissa McBride’s Carol. She addressed the rumors as to why she left the spin-off series, saying “there’s been a lot of rumours. Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay.”

He also talked a bit about the series, teasing what fans can expect.

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“It’s in France. It’s epic in scale. I mean it’s fucking epic. I’ve been to scouted locations…it’s crazy what we’re going to do there,” Reedus said. “I think France is going to have a bloody heart attack. It has a different look, a different sound.” It’s going to be fun. There are going to be a lot of familiar faces. Do not yell at me”.