Five of the best young football talents in the world in 2021


Let’s take a look at the top five best young footballers in the world in 2021. The U20 stars have displayed their skills in the soccer world.

Erling Haaland

The striker is stirring up Europe-Erling Haaland is probably the young striker with the most promising form.

The 20-year-old Norwegian striker is currently in the German league

While he just transferred to Dortmund in the winter of 2019, the striker had pocketed 9 goals and 1 assist after only 6 matches in all competitions, which was a fantastic success for a young player.

Outstanding on the field with an outstanding height of 194cm and an ideal body form, Haaland is nevertheless, very agile. He has a basic yet powerful game, varied finishing skills and good assertive play. With a progressive mindset and a mature style in work and competition, Haaland will be a dazzling star in the future.

Alphonso Davies

According to Fun88, Davies is a raw gem that Bayern introduced to the US after an outstanding success at the MLS in 2019. The 19-year-old has a high point of pace and fitness. He proved himself to be a future player by successfully completing all the tasks given to him by the coach. Davies is now the mainstay of the Bavarian team.

With excellent results, when he has regularly joined the Bundesliga’s weekly squad, and the latest is a direct contribution to help Bayern Munich beat Chelsea in the Champions League, Alphonso Davies is steadily claiming the standard of a potential top wing runner.

Rodrygo Goes

Brazil is the world’s leading producer of superstars, and Rodrygo Goes is one of the country’s most popular young artists. The 18-year-old striker is playing for Real Madrid and is the future of the Spanish Royal Team.

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Coming from the Santos training course-which made Neymar’s name, Rodrygo is judged by the experts for his talent as well as his predecessor. With his success in the Brazilian league, in the summer of 2019, Rodrygo was hired by Real Madrid. And he got off to an exciting start as the second youngest player in the Champions League hat trick history, 18 years old and 301 days old.

It is impossible to confirm that the amount of Rodrygo Goes will fill the hole left by Cristiano Ronaldo at the Bernabeu, but at the moment it can be said that young Brazilian talent has a way out. The front is quite open, promising very brightly. Rodrygo Goes is the future of the Real Madrid club strike, the pride of the land of Samba.

Jadon Sancho

Only 20 years old, but this season Sancho is Dortmund’s brightest star

Statistics reveal that he has 16 goals and 17 assists in all competitions so far in the season.

The 20-year-old winger won the U17 World Championship with the U17 squad of England. Sancho is considered a prodigy of English football when he possesses a fast and technical style.

With what has been seen, Sancho is gradually perfecting his ability to play ball to get rid of the “prodigy” mark and become a genuine superstar. He’s interested in big stars like Real Madid and Chelsea with a transfer value of about EUR 120 million.

Ansu Fati

The last player on the list is Ansu Fati, a young star in a Barcelona jersey. It is only 17 years old, but what Fati has demonstrated is really interesting.

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The Guinea-Bissau player has matured from the famed La Masia furnace in Barcelona. The chance to play for Barca’s first team came to him as pillars like Messi and Suarez were regularly hurt. Ansu Fati grabbed the moment easily and shone brilliantly. He consistently left an impression and broke 8 football records, including the title of the youngest player to score in the history of the Champions League versus Inter Milan (17 years and 40 days).

Ansu Fati demonstrates a special chemistry in assault with Lionel Messi. With Messi’s committed direction and effort and courage, fans should rely on the brilliance of a potential superstar called Ansu Fati.

The two-horse fight between Ronaldo and Messi is coming to an end, planning to make way for the emerging stars.

Above are five of the world’s brightest football stars in 2020, and hopefully they will shine more and more in the future.