Florida Man: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details


This summer, Netflix’s new show, Florida Man, will take fans on a crazy ride across the Sunshine State. In a trailer, the streamer told people when the show would come out and gave them their first look at it. The American limited series Florida Man is coming soon to streaming services. In addition to Donald Todd, the show is run by Jason Bateman, Michael Costigan, and Miguel Arteta.

Also, Edgar Ramrez plays a former police officer who is sent back to Florida to solve a crime. Aside from this, important roles are also played by Isaiah Johnson, Anthony LaPaglia, Abbey Lee, Otmara Marrero, Lex Scott Davis, Emory Cohen, and others. The TV show was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Florida Man

The Florida Man meme has been going all around the internet since the turn of the century. Soon after, people who use the Internet started to see more headlines that started with “Florida Man.” Memes like the Florida Man have also stuck around online because people respond to news stories or make up their own versions.

The new poster for the upcoming Netflix limited series Florida Man makes us want to watch it. Someone is trying to hook a small revolver and pull it out of the water on a poster with bright colors that match a sunset and are framed at the bottom by palm trees. In the gun’s barrel, we can see a reflection of Mike Valentine, Edgar Ramrez’s main character, wearing sunglasses and looking at his deadly capture.

The Story of Florida Man

Detective Mike Valentine grew up in Florida. He was able to leave the state he had always hated a long time ago. Now that he has made a name for himself as a detective and settled down in Philadelphia, he has to go back to the place he has always hated. Valentine has been hired by a shady man from Philadelphia to find his girlfriend, who has gone missing in the swampy Sunshine State. What should be a simple job switch into an epic adventure that goes out of control till Valentine gets lost in the mangrove swamps and tourist-filled streets?

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After he tells his girlfriend that he never intends on returning to his home state, the trailer parks seem much more threatening than they do on the news. But you can’t get out of this job. When this gangster’s girlfriend goes missing, he goes to this beautiful paradise to find out what happened. There, he has to deal with open-carry gun laws, drugged-out residents, and screaming men with katanas in gas stations.

Florida Man looks like it will be a wild ride through paradise, but it ended up turning out to be a place full of surprises. People might not be ready for this, as a state that was supposed to be a quiet place to retire is suddenly shown to be a crazy mess. Valentine needs to find the mobster’s girlfriend as soon as possible, or he might find out about his previous era along with some violent people in the area.

The Cast of Florida Man

Ramrez plays the main character of Florida Man, Mike Valentine, who is played by Ramrez. Ramrez’s most recent roles were in The 335, Jungle Cruise, and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: An American Crime Story. He is also familiar with Netflix because he was in the movie Yes Day, which was made by Netflix and starred Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega.

Patsy, Valentine’s sister, will be played by Otmara Marrero, who was in the movie Clementine. Anthony LaPaglia, who played Frasier’s main character, will play Sonny, their father. Isabel Gameros plays Tyler, Patsy’s 14-year-old daughter. Isabel is the last member of the Valentine family. Abbey Lee, who is known best for her job on The Neon Demon, also plays Delly West. She ran away to Florida and is now dating a mobster.

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Emory Cohen, an actor from Brooklyn, plays Moss Yankov, who seems to be Valentine’s boss and West’s partner. Iris is shown. Lex Scott Davis plays Iris. She used to be Valentine’s wife, and now she works as a detective. Leonard Earl Howze and Mark Jeffrey Miller, who work with Sonny, will play their roles again.

How many episodes are there in Florida Man?

Instead of eight, there will only be seven episodes of Florida Man. We don’t know how long each episode will be, but we think it will be between 45 and 60 minutes.

Release Date of Florida Man

Florida Man, an American limited series that has been talked about a lot, will be available on Netflix on April 13, 2023. The show is supposed to start on the same day everywhere, and its intriguing premise is meant to keep people interested.

Trailer for Florida Man

Netflix put out a teaser video for the upcoming crime drama The First Florida Man, which stars Edgar Ramrez, who was nominated for a Golden Globe. Mike thinks about going back to Florida at the start of the one-minute teaser. It is his native state, but it hasn’t treated him well. He also lost his job and is now trying to stop using drugs.