Floyd Mayweather confirmed his new return to the ring: the unusual setting, the date and the mystery about who will be his rival

Floyd Mayweather will get back into a ring (Usa Today Sports)
Floyd Mayweather will get back into a ring (Usa Today Sports)

Floyd Mayweather will get back into a ring to show that at 44 he is still in force in the world of boxing. This was confirmed through a video shared by the specialized site Fighthype on his official YouTube account.

The legendary boxer, who officially retired from professional sports in August 2017 after beating Conor McGregor, said that 2022 will be a year of exhibitions They will begin in February, when he shows up in Dubai four days before his 45th birthday.

“It is a great business, I repeat it a great business”, he assured Money He added: “In 2022, here in Dubai there will be exhibitions, great business and some interesting events.”

Mayweather faced Logan Paul in his last appearance in the ring (Usa Today Sports)
Mayweather faced Logan Paul in his last appearance in the ring (Usa Today Sports)

On February 20, Mayweather will get back in the ring, which will be installed at the helipad of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, with the aim of giving it a special framework upon its return. “A fight? We may do more than one match. We want to give people some entertainment. So yes, it will be more of a fight, “he reported.

The undefeated champion He retired from professional boxing in 2017 after knocking out Conor McGregor in Las Vegas in what was one of the most profitable fights in the world. From there he played two clashes as an exhibition, the last one against the youtuber Logan Paul en el Hard Rock Stadium de Miami.

“I don’t like to call what I’m doing a fight. I like to call it a limited edition boxing sample. Because it is bigger than just boxing, “Mayweather confirmed, while ensuring that yet,” we have not chosen an opponent but I am looking forward to it and I hope to give you something entertaining to watch.

Mayweather could face Oscar de la Hoya (Gettyimages)
Mayweather could face Oscar de la Hoya (Gettyimages)

Regarding the spectators who want to go to the helipad, the former American fighter explained that, “It’s going to be a very special audience, there won’t be too many people. So if you have the opportunity to come here, you should know that you are very, very special for attending this event. “

Some specialized media toyed with the idea that his return could be in a big way with a rival of the caliber of Oscar de la hoya, who recently assured that he wants to get back into a ring, something he could not do during 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic that hit the world.

When asked if in 2022 the world could see him in action again, the former champion of the WBC super welterweight division, among other titles, assured that, “when January arrives, I am sure that I will train again. I’ll start over and prepare myself mentally first. ”

Golden Boy He wants to return in the best way and when asked who his rival could be, the former Olympic medalist did not hesitate: Who knows, it could be Floyd Mayweather. It’s probably the biggest fight you could do today. “


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