For this reason, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is at 4: 3


Something that all the viewers of Zack Snyder’s Justice League You already know that the film is not presented in widescreen format, but in an unusual 4: 3, which is really a 1: 33: 1 aspect ratio. It has taken everyone by surprise, since the film in its 2017 montage did have a widescreen format on the screen. What happened? There is an explanation for this.

And it is that far from wanting to sell a visual system “author” or “retro” as it might seem due to the similarity with the aspect ratio of the old tube televisions, and in addition to the similarity to a vignette that results (something totally positive ahead of production), Zack Snyder came up with this movie with that format to be projected in an IMAX room.

This leads to interesting modifications, as well as a perspective in which all the heroes can be on the ground but Superman remain at the top of the screen, floating. In addition, it eliminates the horizontal sensation of being “stretched” that a 16: 9 does give us, which would make it a movie within the usual today.

It was during the Justice Con (which we already talked about) when Snyder himself referred to this screen style more as a resource than as a simple choice, and where they already announced that the IMAX style would reach our homes (although now we will rather be looking forward to see it on this screen to appreciate it in all its splendor).

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