Forbes revealed the list of the 20 most valuable clubs in the world: the surprise in the leadership of the ranking


Magazine Forbes published the new ranking of the 20 most valuable football clubs in the world and the report shows what the recovery of international football was like once it restarted its activity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The last reference that this medium had was in March 2020 and according to its latest numbers, the members of the European football elite confirm, although the first place is surprising, since it is an entity that seeks to recover in its numbers.

The analysis indicates that there was a recovery in activity and that the clubs grew by 30 percent compared to the last two years, when the pandemic was declared and the increase is based on the fact that the 20 most valuable soccer teams in the world have a median value of $2.28 billion each.

The activity suffered a lot when it stopped for more than two months in the Old World and it was the Bundesliga, in Germany, the first to return there in May 2020, if the elite leagues in Europe are taken as a reference. Although the return of the round in the first months was a relief for the accounts of each institution that appealed more than ever to television income, since at first the doors of the stadiums were closed to the public.

Forbes published in first place Barcelonawhose value is $4.76 billion. The culé team continues to beat its classic rival, the Real Madridwhich is second with a value of $4.75 billion.

How the ranking of the most valuable clubs in the world changed between 2007 and 2021.

What draws the attention of Barcelona is how it managed to position itself despite the fact that its coffers are complicated, as its president tires of repeating, Joan Laportaand that sanitation policy in his numbers led him to get rid of Lionel Messi last year, if you take what was put forward by the leadership of the Catalan club. However, Barça hopes to add even more investors and resolve its crisis.

The merengue team, for its part, was the leader of the list for the last 16 years, until Barcelona interrupted its hegemony. Behind them come clubs like Bayern Munich (4.215 million), Manchester United (4.2 billion), Liverpool (4.1 billion) and Manchester City (4.0 billion).

Where is PSG located? The team that broke the wallet in the transfer market in the European summer of 2021 and that had the luxury of incorporating the best player on the planet, Leo Messi, is in ninth position with 2,500 million dollars.

To compile the statistics for this list, Forbes It was based on data obtained after extensive research on corporate income and profits that institutions had.


1) FC Barcelona (Spain): USD 4,760 million.

2) Real Madrid CF (Spain): USD 4,750 million.

3) Bayern Munich (Germany): USD 4,215 million.

4) Manchester United (England): USD 4.2 billion.

5) Liverpool (England): USD 4.1 billion.

6) Manchester City (England): USD 4,000 million.

7) Chelsea (England): USD 3.2 billion.

8) Arsenal (England): USD 2.8 billion.

9) Paris Saint-Germain (France): USD 2.5 billion.

10) Tottenham Hotspur (England): USD 2.3 billion.

11) Juventus (Italy): USD 950 million.

12) Borussia Dortmund (Germany): USD 1.9 billion.

13) Atlético de Madrid (Spain): USD 1,000 million.

14) Inter Milan (Italy): USD 743 million.

15) Everton (England): USD 658 million.

16) AC Milan (Italy): USD 559 million.

17) AS Roma (Italy): USD 548 million.

18) West Ham United (Inglaterra): USD 508 millones.

19) Leicester City (England): USD 455 million.

20) Ajax (Netherlands): USD 413 million.


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