Foreign Minister Jaishankar said – Much of the world depends on India and China.


New Delhi: Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar said on Saturday that much of the world depends on India and China, given the size and influence. He said that the future of the relationship between the two countries depends only on reaching “some kind of equivalence or understanding”. During the online talks at the CII summit, Jaishankar said that there are “problems” between the two countries which are “well defined”. Also Read – We have a blood relationship with India, it is historic and strong like a rock: Bangladesh

He was answering a question whether India and China could become friends in the next ten or twenty years, as France and Germany left their past and established new relations. Jaishankar did not give a direct answer but briefed the historical aspects of the relationship. Also Read – Impact of stoppage of imports from India, shortage of anti-dot that neutralizes snake venom in Pakistan

He said, “We are China’s neighbors. China is already the second largest economy in the world. We will one day become the third major economy. You can argue when they are made. We are a demographically quite unique country. We are the only two countries with a population of more than one billion. “He said,” Our problems also started around the same time as the European problems started. ” Also Read – Mike Pompeo talks to foreign ministers of five countries including India, know what was the point of discussion

The Foreign Minister said that there is not much difference in the time when both countries emerge in a very strong way in international politics. He said, “We are seeing a parallel but different rise of the two countries. But all this is happening when we are neighbors. According to me, it is very important to reach some kind of equality or understanding between the two countries. “He said,” It is not only in my interest but equally in their interest and how to do it. The big challenge is…. ”

The deadlock between India and China is currently in East Ladakh region. Jaishankar said, “And I appeal that given our size and influence, a lot of the world depends on us. This question is not easy to answer. There are problems, problems are fixed. But of course I think it is the center of the assessment of our foreign policy. “

On the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, Free Trade Agreement, Jaishankar said that the economic agreement should fulfill the objective of national economic growth and said that it would be the main condition of India to make such agreement. He said, “Economic agreements should be based on economic merit.” He said that the analysis of the economic agreements that have taken place in the last 20 years shows that many of them may not be helpful to the country.

Citing the emerging geopolitical scenario, the Foreign Minister explained how the emergence of countries like India and China is ending the era of Western domination in the balance of global powers. Regarding India’s foreign policy, the foreign minister said that the country will strive for a just and equitable world because not advocating international rules and standards can lead to “jungle raj”.

He said that if we do not advocate for a world based on law and standards, “there will surely be a law of the jungle”. The foreign minister said that the messages of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are still recognized all over the world. Jaishankar said that even though military and economic power were symbols of global power earlier, now technology and connectivity are becoming new standards of power and influence. “Technology has never been politically neutral,” he said. He said that in the changing global scenario, India has to be ready to deal with the new reality.


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