Forget Gordon Freeman and say hello to Spyro: with this Half-Life mod you can play with the iconic dragon


Although the mod only covers one level of the game, in the future it will allow us to play the entire adventure.


Of course, going through the mod section of a game is quite an odyssey. We can find jobs that significantly improve the user experience through textures or various accessories, but we can also find hilarious ideas like the one we bring you today. Are you nostalgic for Half-Life? Is your childhood linked to the adventures of Spyro? Well, this mod unites both worlds in a most curious combination.

has been the modder Magic Nipples who has dared to take this step, because his Half-Life: Year of the Dragon project allows us to advance through the facilities designed by Valve as if we were the iconic dragon. And we are not talking about a simple mix, because the adventure moves away from Gordon Freeman’s weapons and lets us play with the classic moves of Spyro in his games.

And the thing does not end here, since the modder intends to continue his work by expanding the experience in all scenarios from Half Life. However, this will be done while respecting the traditional structure of Spyro games, so we can choose a level from a neutral zone. There is no release date for the full mod, but the creator assures that it will be ready for before 2024.

We no longer have any doubt that the world of mods is very diverse. On certain occasions, they have been of great help to improve player immersion, as we have seen with the terrifying mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake, and they have even achieved connect with the past, something that they have shown with the fixed cameras in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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