Forget the weapons! The new Call of Duty mode will let us unleash chaos with Godzilla and King Kong


The so-called Operation Monarch invites us to enjoy the battle royale from a more brutal perspective.

Those responsible for Call of Duty: Warzone believe that their number of players has dropped, mainly, because of the size of the game. However, this does not prevent them from continuing to present collaborations such as the one that will introduce Godzilla y King Kong in the game, although we now know that this intention goes beyond a simple cameo to become an experience that maximizes the action of the title.

Operation Monarch will be available from May 11And it is that now we know the role that these beasts will play in Call of Duty: Warzone. As explained from CharlieIntelTwitter account specializing in news from the shooter franchise, the so-called Operation Monarch It will be a game mode independent from battle royale in which we will try to get a device called Monarch Stream Device. After this, we will have the opportunity to control one of the two creatures mentioned.

What does this bring to combat? Well, on the one hand, Activision invites us to put our weapons aside and enjoy the power of these monsters. King Kong will show us his brutality in two ways: with area attacks that destroy the ground and with the possibility of throw giant rocks. For his part, Godzilla will show off his most well-known ability and allow us to cast a powerful beam that will not leave anyone alive.

Both creatures are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone next May 11, although it is not the only unusual collaboration that Activision has presented in recent days. In addition, we are also attentive to the development of a Triple A mobile experience that will give us more news throughout this yearaccording to Activision in its latest financial report.

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