Former SAS soldiers and hunting dogs: the extreme security measures of the Premier League stars in the face of the wave of robberies


The biggest stars in world football are not exempt from the insecurity that is experienced globally. During the last months it was possible to see how criminal acts increased both in Spain and in France and England.

Recently Karim Benzema was the victim of a robbery while playing a match against Elche. The Frenchman was also joined by other sports personalities such as Victor Lindelof, del Manchester United o Joao Cancelo, del City.

That is why from England they assured that some players have already made the decision to hire former SAS soldiers (Special Air Service) to take care of the security of their homes, as well as the purchase of hunting dogs to guard the perimeter during their absence.

Joao Cancelo was the victim of a robbery at his home (Reuters)
Joao Cancelo was the victim of a robbery at his home (Reuters)

According to the British newspaper The Sun, these measures began to become a trend especially among the players of the teams in the north of the country after the recent attacks suffered by some soccer players.

The Swedish defender’s case was the last known in England. The center-back was playing a match against Brentford when a group of thieves entered his house where his wife and children were. “I was alone at home with the two children, but we managed to hide and lock ourselves in a room before they entered our house”Maja (her partner) explained through Instagram.

“Unfortunately today I was mugged by four cowards who hurt me and tried to hurt my family. When you show resistance, that’s what happens”, announced the Portuguese winger for his part a few days before. Unlike the rest, in this episode the player was at home when the break-in occurred. “They managed to take all my jewelry and they have left my face in this state,” he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo hired two former soldiers as custodians (Reuters)
Cristiano Ronaldo hired two former soldiers as custodians (Reuters)

The Daily Mail He also reported that in view of the series of attacks, it is becoming common to hire ex SAS soldiers to intensify personal security, as well as specially trained guard dogs.

Without going further Cristiano Ronaldo is another of those who was reinforced in this aspect after it became known that he had hired two former combatant brothers in Afghanistan.

According to the Portuguese magazine Flash, CR7 was warned about some insecurity events that several Premier League figures have suffered and did not hesitate to put at his service Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, two elite police officers and former soldiers of a Portuguese troop that settled in Afghan territory.


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