Forspoken Fights Bad News With This Action-Packed State of Play Gameplay Trailer


The new Square Enix confirmed a few days ago that it delays its release date.

just a few days ago Square Enix shared the news no fan wanted to hear: With only a few weeks to go until its release, the up-and-coming Forspoken is pushed back to the end of the year. How to counteract this bad news? With a new trailer presented in the latest State of Play that is full of action and moments that increase our desire to play this RPG action adventure.

The new Forspoken trailer allows us to see in a little more detail the combat system of this open world adventure that puts us in the shoes of a young woman with magical powers. With great agility, he will be able to move quickly through wide natural settings while fighting all kinds of monsters, including a fearsome dragon that has once again been seen in the video.

Square Enix has also presented what will be the cover image from the physical edition of Forspoken, with Frey emerging “from a sinister mist” surrounded by “magical particles” as described by the Japanese studio itself. This is the image with which we leave you at the end of this news, but not before reminding you that you can also take a look at our Forspoken text and video impressions, where we tell you about the good feelings that the game has left us.

In addition to this new trailer, Square Enix has taken advantage of the State of Play to announce the new fantasy RPG The DioField Chronicle and also present Valkyrie Elysium with a commitment to RPG action.


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