Fortnite: a map shows the most dangerous places


Fortnite is a title in which almost anything can happen due to the randomness of the development of each game, in which even the most “pro” can fall badly positioned and next to a / a youngster / girl with a golden rifle that probably hit such a shot in the face that it will scatter your brains to the nearest wall. But even so, there are always more conflictive areas.

That is why little by little a map has been edited that shows the “hot” areasThose in which falling can pose a greater risk of having people around and that require much more luck and speed. It was the tweeter @ Lucas7yoshi who posted the aforementioned map:

As you can see, there are areas in red, although in general this has a variant: the existence of specific events, which cause a place to fill up with users suddenly in the first moment (see what happened in Furtive Feud with the arrival from Predator).

Source: Gamerant

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