Fortnite Collision: this was the end of Season 2 and we already have a trailer for Season 3, Buena Onda


Epic Games’ long-awaited battle royal event launched us into space in the cockpit of a giant robot.

Although by now we are used to Epic Games go all out in every end of season event, the battle royale never ceases to amaze us. Yesterday we had an appointment with Collision, the event that ended the Chapter 3 Season 2 of Fortnite and as usual, players were met with all kinds of challenges and epic moments.

Shortly before 22:00 (Spanish peninsular time), the players found themselves in the cabin of the giant robot in the Moon Base, being able to access the huge weapons to destroy asteroids. When the event finally started, The Paradigm made an appearance to report on the mission. The goal was to stop the collider And for this, what better way than landing on the island with the robot in a spectacular pose.


After a powerful exchange of laser fire, the huge mecha seemed to have been badly damaged, but Agent Banana was there to save the day with a Sorbet truck for recovery. When the players were about to achieve victory, an explosion under the feet of the robot plunged it into the ground: the final phase would be on the ground.

Agent Banana is here to save the dayNext to Agent Jones and The Foundationplayers made their way by taking out OI Guards with an overloaded Zero Point that featured cutscenes like the one in Darth Vader fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Paradigm used the mecha to kill Dr. Slone, while Agent Jones and the Foundation they go after Geno at Point Zero. With Point Zero destabilized, the only salvation lay in disabling the Collider, destroying the crystals connecting it and preventing Point Zero from exploding.

Episode 3 Season 3: Good Vibes

As usual, after the events of the Season 2 finale, we were left with a “To Be Continued” screen as Epic Games prepared us for the arrival of the Season 3. A few minutes ago, the battle royale has already released its first cinematic trailer for this new season, which they have called Cool.

In the trailer we completely change the third, with a casual style, being able to see our characters and some famous guests like Darth Vader, having a great time in An amusement parkenjoying a great concert and watching a show Fireworks. Chapter 3 Season 3 starts today.

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