Fortnite could have crossover with Five Nights at Freddy


According to a new leak, Fortnite brings us a terrifying surprise with the weather that could well have taken place at the end of October given its setting: Five Nights at Freddy could have a crossover in the online game.

It was the famous “leaker” @HYPEX who made it known that the game has a hidden skin with the codename FrenchFry. He has also spoken of other code names in the past in this regard. Already steeled with Tyler’s “Ninja” skin. Is it so? Here’s the tweet:

The truth is that the design visible in the tweet is credible. The game is adding everything hunter-related this season, starting with Predator and continuing with Sarah Connor herself and the T-800. It remains to be seen if the mechanical bears of the horror game will arrive in Fortnite.

Meanwhile, we remind you that a map has been made with the “hot zones”, which even so, as we already told you, changes according to events, but maintains inscrutable points.

Source: Comicbook

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