Fortnite has an official crossover with Tron


The current season of Fortnite now has a new collaboration from a famous franchise. And this time, it is a set of clothing inspired by Tron.

The “End of the Line” collection now available in the Fortnite store will make us look like Cypher, Firewall, Proxy, Datapath, Packet, Bitstream, Commandline, Upload, Io, and Bandwidth.

There are additional accessories, from a glider / light bike that we can mount to a pickaxe / identity disc or a backpack.

Source: Epic Games Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a massive multiverse of encounters where we will have access to items from Predator, Terminator, The Mandalorian, Flash and many more throughout the island. If the last season focused on Marvel heroes, “Zero Point” is encompassing the multiverse and mixing heroes from all sides, be it from video games, movies or comics.

For its part, Tron is a 1982 science fiction film starring Jeff Bridges, who is a software engineer who is dragged into a world of computers known as the Grid. An official sequel was released in 2010 called Tron Legacy. And while Legacy fans will be very interested in the items that arrive in the store, they should know that there is also a third installment on the way, a project that Jared Leto is also in.

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