Fortnite says goodbye to the year with a small drop in the battle-royale servers


For several hours there were problems accessing the game, as well as complaints about glitches in the Epic Games Store.

During the late last night, Epic Games reported a crash on servers Fortnite whose motives have not yet emerged. Although the problems have already been solved, the battle-royale was not available for the enjoyment of its tens of thousands of players. for about five hours.

It was around 7:15 p.m. when the American company confirmed to its players that, indeed, there was a problem that prevented access to Fortnite. After midnight, Epic Games already gave the green light to the community for the Winter Festival to continue. “We thank you for understanding as we work to resolve these issues. We will give more details soon on what we are doing to help you make up for lost time,” they explained on Twitter.

Thus, some kind of compensation from Epic Games for this server crash is to be expected. Meanwhile, players can continue to enjoy the Fortnite Winter Festival, with gifts, special missions, special costumes and much more.

In The Verge they also point to other problems related to the Epic Games Store, where some users complained of not being able to access their video games. Be that as it may, it seems that these inconveniences have been solved at this time.

These days the store suffers extra traffic, possibly derived from its Christmas Offers, where every 24 hours an adventure is given away. Until 17:00 (Spanish time) today, PC users can download the great Salt and Sanctuary for free. After this time there will be another free video game that aims to be Tomb Raider.

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