Fortnite: we can now hunt and craft objects


The arrival of Lara Croft a Fortnite it was something as expected as it might be supposed given the evolution of collaborations with franchises that have taken place recently. What many expected was to see Lara Croft in her most classic style, rather than perhaps the most modern version of it. However, after scrutinizing the Battle Pass rewards and Epic Quests, we realize that there are three different styles available:

With level 15 we unlock Lara Croft, the set in which we have her in a style typical of the most recent installments of the saga, much more humanized and suffering.

With level 22 we get an anniversary Lara Croft. In fact, the 25th anniversary of the saga, so it is an “updated” version of the character, closer to what we have seen in installments like Tomb Raider Legend and later.

And here we have what we can unlock with epic missions: the classic Lara Croft, with a more polygonal and absolutely adorable style, which although it adapts to the Fortnite style in its forms, evokes the oldest deliveries, located between PSX and PS2 and that will surely take us a few missions to overcome.

As for the new gameplay, for the first time we will be able to create our own weapons by collecting materials (something that is no longer alien to us in the game, but which until now focused only on building). We can even hunt animals that are in the environment, greatly changing the approach that we have enjoyed so far in our adventures around the island.

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