Fortnite: Where to find and how to tame Raptors


Season 6 of episode 2 of Fortnite it is full of surprises. The last one is that now there are velociraptors prowling the map and attacking everything that comes their way. Deadly dinosaurs we can’t joke with. Unless … we have the right materials.

How to tame raptors in Fortnite

The kidnappers who roam the map are not exactly our little friends. They attack in groups, they are agile and their bites make quite a pupa. That said: we can still tame them. We just need a few pieces of meat … and some luck. We kill animals, we get meat and when we have it, we throw it in the direction of the raptor. Similar to the taming of wild boars and wolves in Fortnite, the raptor will become “stunned” while eating, and will lower his guard. We can tame it like this, approaching and caressing them.


The problem: kidnappers eat super fast and will gobble up the pieces of meat in one bite. Because of this, it can be difficult to complete the taming process before they become hostile again. For more INRI, if there are other abductors nearby, we will call their attention. It is a matter of a few seconds to see ourselves surrounded and bitten by multiple dinosaurs. We’ve patted it several times trying, actually.

We use the hunter’s cloak to tame raptors

The best method of taming raptors is to make a hunter’s cloak using four bones and a piece of meat. When we see our prey, we put on our cape and address them. We should be able to tame them much easier (even without throwing meat at them) as the cape keeps them docile long enough to tame them.

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Where to find raptors in Fortnite

There is no fixed area on the map where raptors appear. And that the broken eggs appear in some points; but these dinosaurs are everywhere. That said, we can detect some area where we could see more. You can see it on the map here under these lines: in those surroundings, near Alameda Afligida and the surrounding lands. But beware, they can also appear at any point. In colossal crops, for example, they are easy to find. They are usually near houses, roads and rivers.

Fortnite-where-to-find-raptors-map-locationThey are powerful allies, believe us. Better than wolves and wild boars. They hit harder, they do more damage, and above all, they run more. And that’s something that everyone likes.