Francia Rasa Talks About The Claim That She Was “Forced” To Give Selena Gomez Her Kidney


Francia Rasa Talks About The Claim That She Was “Forced” To Give Selena Gomez Her Kidney:

Francia Raisa knew that her heart wished to assist Selena Gomez because she knew what her heart wanted.

In 2017, when the pop star was sick with lupus, an autoimmune as well as inflammatory disease that can lead to organ failure, the How I Met Your Father actor gave her one of her kidneys to her.

Even though the transfer worked, last year there were reports that Selena and Taylor had a fight because Selena called Taylor Swift her “only friend within the industry.”

Within Social Media People Are Saying That Francia Hadn’t Really Offered To Give Selena Her kidney:

The Internet was then full of people saying that Francia hadn’t really offered to give Selena her kidney, but that she was forced to do it to save Selena. Last year, Selena said in her My Mind & Me program that Taylor Swift was her only friend in the music business.

Francia said it was interesting and then deleted her post on Instagram about it. Selena said, “Sorry, I didn’t mention everyone I know.”

Francia Re-Followed Salena On Instagram And Liked Her Birthday Story:

Francia seems to have re-followed Selena upon Instagram as well as liked her birthday post. She then told TMZ that she and Selena don’t have anything against each other.

This wasn’t the very first time Francia had talked about why she gave Selena a kidney. She told Self in 2018: “When I found out I was a match, it wasn’t how I thought it would be.” “One day, Selena called me on FaceTime and told me, ‘You’re a match!'”

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Francia said at the time that she was “angry” that someone told Selena the news before she did. “I had a way that I wished to tell her when I had made the decision,” she said. “I knew it would happen I just needed that moment.”

“You know, whenever I thought regarding my name being reported by the press, I didn’t think regarding it like this,” she said when questioned how it felt knowing her name within the news. “I’ve always thought regarding it from the point of view of an actor. That’s what I saw in my mind.”

Raisa started the show by saying, “Never in my life did I imagine this.” She was talking about the rumors that she as well as Gomez are no more friends as well as that the How I Met Your Father star was forced to give Gomez her kidney in 2017.

“I know that she and I both told the press about our situation years ago. The press found out about it, and both of us wanted to tell it.”

Raisa Said That She Felt It In Heart And Then I Knew I Had A Match:

“I simply felt it inside my heart, and then I knew I had a match,” she said, thinking back on the process of organ giving. “No one told me what to do. It was a real act of kindness on my part.”

Since then, Gomez’s fans have made a lot of hateful comments about Raisa. This is similar to the bullying Hailey Bieber claims she faced earlier this year because she married Justin Bieber, who used to date the “Lose You to Love Me” singer.

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Salena Gomez Put An End To That She And Raisa Were Fighting Loudly By Wishing Raisa Happy Birthday Upon Instagram:

Gomez used Instagram Stories back in March to tell her fans to stop being so mean to Hailey. And just this week, Gomez seemed to put an end to claims that she and Raisa were fighting by loudly wishing Raisa a happy birthday on Instagram and posting several photos of the two of them from over the years when they were friends.

Still, Raisa states she doesn’t like to read the mean things people say about her on social media because they are so harsh. She told Peck, “I can’t read comments because I’m not good at it.”

“No, I don’t. People can be so mean and hit you right where it hurts. Someone said, “Oh, you just want to be noticed because your career has been a failure.” I’m thinking, “Is it a bust?” But guys, there’s nothing wrong.”

In an Instagram post on Francia’s birthday last month, Selena praised her as a “special person” and wished her a happy birthday. The 31-year-old said, “It doesn’t matter where life leads us, I love you.”