Freeridge Season 2: Release Date, Cast Members, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know


On My Block’s loss was made less painful by Netflix’s announcement of Freeridge, a spinoff series situated in the same milieu. And now it’s here, with a brand-new cast that’s just as adored as the original four. You might be thinking if a second season of Freeridge will be made if, like us, you watched the entire first season in one sitting.

There are still more stories to be told in the Freeridge universe, according to co-creator Jeremy Haft, who spoke to TVLine before Netflix made an official announcement. There are numerous stories to be told about the very diverse and dynamic environment of Freeridge, continued Haft. This, in my humble opinion, shows that Freeridge isn’t a one-hit-wonder. As we break down the second season of the Netflix series Freeridge, grab a bag of wheat thins and sit in with Digital Spy.

Is Freeridge renewed for Season 2?

The second season of Freeridge has not yet been formally announced by the network as of February 2023. It is unreasonable to request any news or updates about a possible second renewal given that the first season’s new episodes, as previously mentioned, just started airing on Netflix.

It is also obviously too early for any broadcast network to make such consequential announcements in such a short amount of time. However, the fact that the series lacks any extravagant CGI or VFX can work to its advantage. Fans should wait till Netflix formally confirms and acknowledges this information in the interim.

The cast of Freeridge Season 2

The following actors would probably reprise their individual roles in Season 2 of Freeridge:

  • Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria
  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Cameron
  • Bryana Salaz as Ines
  • Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi
  • Peggy Blow as Mariluna
  • Zaire Adams as Andre
  • Jean Paul SanPedro as Javier

What’s the plot of Freeridge Season 1?

Teen drama Freeridge follows Gloria, Ines, Demi, and Cam as they deal with the highs and lows of adolescence, including romance, school, and mystery boxes that can curse you.

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Ines, Gloria’s troublesome sister, has joined the gang. Gloria, Demi, and Cam are all sophomores. At a yard sale, Cam discovers a box, and shortly after, an unknown woman comes searching for it. The gang of pals feverishly tries to reverse the curse as their lives are turned upside down.

Leading actors in the production include Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Bryana Salaz, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Ciara Riley Wilson, and Peggy Blow.

Freeridge Season 2 storyline

They spent the whole season trying to remove Marisol’s curse, but the real culprit was Mariluna, Abuelita’s long-lost sister. After receiving the news, Gloria helps Mariluna reunite with her family for the Thanksgiving feast. Mariluna thanked her and promised to give the organization $1 million in exchange.

They will rather receive $10 million if they can squander it in three months “with nothing to show for it.” Predictably, the gang decides to go with the $10 million choice, but things go wrong when Mariluna is killed right in front of the mansion. Mariluna was fatally shot by two Santos gang thugs who thought she was Marisol and were after the money from Roller World that Marisol and Jamal had found at On My Block.

Mariluna’s legs can be seen protruding from the car door as the season comes to a close. What happened to Mariluna? What this signifies for the community as a whole is the more important query. Even the main cast is unaware of what is coming, according to comments made in a chat with Teen Vogue.

Nevertheless, it’s unusual, Wilson said. It’s unclear if she will pass away or not. We have a lot of theories on our end,” explains Salaz. We don’t know what’s happening, and we wish to learn more than you do, to paraphrase.

Freeridge Season 1 Review

Freeridge is a program that begins with an original plot before turning into a typical teen drama near the end. The lives of Gloria, Ines, Demi, and Cam are followed in this comedy-drama as they traverse the highs and lows of adolescence, including school, romance, and strange boxes that curse you.

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It’s delightful how the first episode surprises you with endearing people that seem to defy expectations in every way. Every topic is approached in a unique way, whether it be related to relationships, bereavement, or enigmatic boxes. You will laugh a lot because of the dialogue’s snappiness and the crazy nature of the friendships.

It’s fantastic that the plot also includes a hint of magical realism. There are a few scenes that are completely unrelated to the plot, even though the curse and its mysterious owner are frequently used for laughs. Whatever you choose to call it, that understated suggestion of magic, spiritualism or the hand of fate is captivating and adds to the show’s intrigue. The last few episodes, though, don’t have the same impact as the first few, which is a drawback.

Despite the fact that Freeridge shows teenage life in all of its ugliness, it does it with the utmost accuracy. The length is kept short and amusement levels are high by the incisive dialogue and editing. Short and to-the-point episodes just include what is necessary and omit everything else. Three tales are covered in a single chat between the group, with little discourse and no misunderstanding.

The humor is also specialized, yet it works and makes you smile from ear to ear. The quirky nature of the show’s endearing characters contributes much to its appeal. These positive qualities make it simple to ignore the season’s poor climax or, at the very least, to endure for long enough to watch season 2.

Freeridge season 2 trailer

Freeridge won’t see any new footage until the Netflix hierarchy approves season two, and even then, we’ll likely have to wait until 2024 to see any teasers or trailers.

When and where will Freeridge Season 2 be available?

Before we can officially announce a premiere date for Freeridge Season 2, we must wait for Netflix to formally renew the show. Hopefully, we will hear some news in the upcoming weeks. If all goes according to plan, Freeridge Season 2 should arrive in the first half of 2024. Freeridge is now only available on Netflix, but if they decide not to renew it, it’s highly feasible that some other streaming service would swoop in due to the popularity and success of the program.

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Freeridge Season 2 Episodes

Freeridge Season 2 will have an unspecified amount of episodes, but if it is approved, we can anticipate at least 8 episodes, each of which will last between 25 and 31 minutes. We want to emphasize that, if this is the final season, the number of episodes may change depending on the message the show wants to send to the viewers.

Freeridge Ratings

The Freeridge series’ viewers have given it a variety of ratings and reviews, and they have commended it for having an original plot. IMDb, a well-known rating website, has given ratings of 5.8/10, while the rotten tomatoes website has given scores of 89% with an average viewer score of 59%, and about 85% of google users have liked broadcasting this series Freeridge. These rating numbers demonstrate that the series Freeridge is deserving of being watched.

There are presently negotiations underway for Freeridge’s second Netflix season. Although the second season has not yet been confirmed, a confirmation link for it may appear soon. If there is room for several awards, Freeridge might have more than one season.

There’s a chance that additional On My Block cast members will appear. The Santos gang is informed by Mariluna that they have a chance to win $10 million or $1 million if they blow it all in three months. Her feet hanging outside her car door are seen in one final scene before the season finishes.