From Eurovision to Bond: The Entertainment Talking Points Attracting Bets




When you think about the idea of making a bet, the chances are that the first thing that springs to mind is sports betting. After all, the pair seem to be intrinsically linked, with many fans choosing to check out odds related to the latest big matches or tournaments.

However, while the betting world does admittedly offer odds on a wide range of sports these days, it also tends to feature odds related to other events as well. In fact, the entertainment world has become a real focus, with betting options emerging around some of the industry’s biggest talking points.

Big dates

For instance, you can bet on some of the biggest dates in the entertainment calendar, with the Eurovision Song Contest being a very notable example at present.

Paddy Power offers Eurovision betting odds and, at the time of writing, France had odds of 3/1 on winning the 2021 event. In contrast, Malta stood at 7/2, while Switzerland was at 4/1. The UK’s involvement in the competition always attracts plenty of attention, with the country facing its fair share of struggles through the years. It currently has odds of 150/1 of winning the 2021 contest.

But what can we expect from this year’s event? Well, the official site details how the 65th contest is taking place in Rotterdam at the Ahoy venue on May 22nd. It will feature the theme of ‘Open Up’, while a logo has been created that symbolises Rotterdam as a beating heart in Europe.

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Movie magic

However, if the glitz and glamour of Eurovision is not your cup of tea, what other entertainment issues could you place a bet on? One hot topic that always leaves people both shaken and stirred is the identity of the next James Bond and that is a particularly timely issue right now.

It has been widely reported by the likes of Sky News that the upcoming film ‘No Time to Die’ will be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the super-spy. This means all eyes are now on who will ultimately take on the character next. Many names have been put in the frame, with one of the most recent being Rege-Jean Page. The Daily Mail recently reported how the actor had even addressed the speculation in an interview with OK!, stating he was “flattered” to be linked with the role.

No Time to Die may also have a say in another of the big entertainment issues that have attracted the attention of bookmakers. Paddy Power offers odds on box office success, including predictions for the top-grossing film of 2021. The Bond film is featured alongside the likes of Black Widow, F9 and A Quiet Place Part II.

That’s entertainment

So, while it might be easy to think about betting purely in sporting terms, there is plenty to consider from an entertainment perspective too.

It will be interesting to see how the issues mentioned above ultimately play out, as well as what other showbiz-related matters pop up on betting sites in the coming months.