From Franco Armani’s bad start to serious defensive imbalances: River Plate’s mistakes in the defeat against Huracán


Maidana left his team with ten after an inexplicable elbow on Cóccaro’s face.

River Plate added its second consecutive defeat and set off the alarms for the serious defensive mismatches. After showing a pale midweek image against Vélez Sarsfield in Liners, for the first leg of the Copa Libertadores round of 16, the Millionaire had serious failures in his last line in a new fall, this time against Huracán in Parque Patricios, for the sixth date of the Professional League.

In two of the three goals that the Globe converted there were shortcomings that will not leave Marcelo Gallardo calm at alldespite the change in attitude of the complement in which his team was close to equalizing, even with one man less and after being two goals down on a couple of occasions.

Huracán’s first goal after a bad start by Franco Armani.

The first of the errors was with the Jonatan Maidana’s reprehensible attitude of connecting a blow with his elbow to the face of Matías Cóccaro, which earned him a straight red. The defender came out to cut off an advance almost to the middle of the field and stuck to the sideline, so the play did not merit such a reaction, much less so violent. Although it is true that the Uruguayan striker hangs onto his rival and commits a reckless offense punishable by yellow card, a fact that did not happen, Jony exceeded himself unnecessarily.

This was immediately felt by the gestures that Marcelo Gallardo showed on the relay bench. El Muñeco had to change everything planned, he sent Héctor David Martínez to the field instead of Juan Fernando Quintero and the team felt it. Not only the man less than his rival, but also because he had to modify everything he had planned.

The second of the Globe was for a defensive stay between Héctor David Martínez and González Pirez.

And much worse when four minutes later came the goal by Jonathan Galván, after a miscalculation in Franco Armani’s exit. It happened at 36 ′ when Federico Fattori sent a cross to the penalty spot that the River Plate goalkeeper tried to control above when he had to reject it with his fists. Although he claimed an infraction by Cóccaro, it did not exist and the one who received the ball was Walter Pérez, who after a shot that manages to deflect the goalkeeper, The ball comes to Galván to break the zero on the scoreboard after a powerful shot.

Hurricane’s second goal was again due to a rude defensive error by River Plate. It was at 17 ‘of the complement after a long rejection from Galván’s defense that he took the millionaire center backs (Martínez and González Pirez) very open and with a bad setback. Franco Cristaldo took advantage by taking the ball with an exquisite heel and defining after a precise short pass from Gabriel Gudiño, who had entered a few minutes before. It was a hard blow for the cast of Marcelo Gallardo, who also did not stay and quickly achieved the discount through González Pirez.

The controversial penalty charged by Rapallini due to a foul by González Pirez on Cóccaro. River’s defender bungled a clearance prior to the alleged infraction on the Uruguayan.

However, River Plate’s enthusiasm did not last long, since Franco Cristaldo scored again, this time 3-1, from a penalty. It is worth clarifying that in this action Fernando Rapallini was wrong to sanction Leandro González Pirez’s maximum penalty on Matías Cóccaro, since it is the Globo forward who seeks contact with the defender’s leg after hooking inside the area.

At minute 24, Benjamín Garré escaped Marcelo Herrera from the left and sent a cross into the area that showed no danger. But González Pirez fails in the rejection and it is Cóccaro who takes the ball and faces towards the bow. turning around, the millionaire defender tries to clear, does not reach the ball and touches the Uruguayan striker, who falls automatically and the entire local team claims a penalty. Rapallini did not hesitate, sanctioned the infraction and after corroborating the action on the VAR screen, he ratified it.


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