From postponed promise to PSG star: why Barcelona’s departure saved Mauro Icardi’s career

Icardi enjoys his present at PSG, but does not forget the rejection he suffered at Barcelona
Icardi enjoys his present at PSG, but does not forget the rejection he suffered at Barcelona

The long road that footballers travel during their training to reach the professional roster of any club is usually based on difficult decisions that can mean the advancement or regression of the individual’s career. Mauro Icardi It is not exempt from this classification, since in 2008 it was encouraged to leave the Barcelona in search of new horizons; later, it proved to be a wise choice.

The Argentine forward was born in Rosario on February 19, 1993. Very close to turning 28, he looks back on his career and can tell that he wore important T-shirts such as Paris Saint Germain currently, Inter Milan, Sampdoria and the cast culé. Long before his last name was known, Mauro lived in the Canary Islands representing the Union Deportiva Vecindario and he had to play a tournament with Barcelona scouts present. Its quality and elegance attracted so much attention that Icardi would have its chance in one of the great institutions of Spain.

What happened so that the scorer did not have a great opportunity at the Camp Nou? After several years training in The farmhouse, where he had been very well received by Josep Guardiola and was even a scorer in the Lower League, being in addition to the highest paid footballers at his age, the Rosario decided to emigrate to Italy once their contract was up. “We decided it with my representative because the Barcelona game was very different from my characteristics and we opted to switch to Italian football, which is the one that best suits me”, Mauro explained in 2018 when he faced the Blaugrana in group B of the Champions League 2018-2019.

The unpublished images of Mauro Icardi as a Barcelona footballer

The former representative of Icardi, in conversation with All passion, also recognized that it was the best choice they could have made. “Leaving Barcelona changed Mauro’s life. He is the creation of a 10-year job and that step into Italian football was decisive: I am convinced that without that decision, today I would not be a professional footballer. Barcelona’s game system changed. The 9 went to the background. In the first team Samuel Eto’o was displaced to the band, David Villa was displaced to the band and even Ibrahimovic spent almost a year on the bench. Mauro is 9 very pure and they took that system to all the minor categories “revealed Abian Morano, who was replaced three years ago by Wanda Icardi, your partner and agent. It was in Catalan lands where he met Maxi López, then part of the campus, and ultimately the husband of the model and businesswoman. They would also coincide with the former River in Italy. And there the love with Wanda germinated.

The Sampdoria would be in charge of fulfilling the wishes of the Argentine: he arrived on loan to the Italian team and, six months later, convinced the leadership of execute the exit clause valued at 400 thousand euros. Mauro waited several years to be able to return to Camp Nou to seek his revenge, but the first time he stepped on the green grass of Barcelona with Inter the result was not the best: defeat 0-2 with so many Jordi Alba Y Rafinha. Fortunately for the forward, being the group stage, there was still one match left at the San Siro stadium.

It was the 86th minute, Inter fell 1-0 with the Blaugrana team and the chances of passing the stage in the largest continental tournament disappeared. A packed stadium awaited a goal that would give hope to the Italian team. Everything was tension in Milan until Icardi received a rebound on the edge of the small area with his back to the goal, turned with great elegance and defined between the legs of Marc André Ter-Stegen. The euphoric scream broke the rules of the famous former law by which footballers normally do not celebrate before a team that knew how to shelter them. But he did celebrate it, perhaps because of some resentment left over from the past.

Icardi revived the former law by scoring a goal against Barcelona in the 2018/2019 Champions League

Mauro is still hungry for glory and fate puts him back in front of Barcelona for the second round of the Champions League. The first leg of this Tuesday will be the second time that the striker has to step on the Camp Nou, where he will seek to get rid of the desire to break the net at the home of his former team, who did not put it among his priorities. The French team arrives as a favorite to the key although with Neymar injured and with Lionel Messi on the other side of the path, you never have to give the blaugrana for dead. In this context, a certain Icardi will play a separate game …


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