From social distancing to display screens, preparations are being made before the monsoon session of Parliament begins.


New Delhi: In the wake of Kovid-19, preparations are being made for the monsoon session of Parliament with a number of exercises. Changes are also being made in the seating arrangement in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to prevent infection. Following the proper distance, both chambers and galleries will be used to seat the members. Officials told about this. The monsoon session is expected to begin in the last week of August or early September. Also Read – Coronas infected with heart disease are at higher risk of life, know what is the opinion of experts

According to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, the members of the upper house will be seated in both the chambers and the galleries during the session. For the first time in the history of the Indian Parliament, such an arrangement will be held where 60 members will sit in the Chamber and 51 members will sit in the Rajya Sabha galleries. Apart from this, the remaining 132 members will sit in the Lok Sabha Chamber. The Lok Sabha Secretariat is also making similar arrangements for seating of members. Also Read – Telangana Covid-19 Updates: 1,102 New Cases Of Infection Revealed In Telangana, Nearly 700 People Dead

Large display screens and consoles will be installed for the first time for participation from the galleries. Special wires will be laid between the two houses and polycarbonate sheets will be arranged between the chairs. Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla met on 17 July and decided to use the chambers and galleries of both the houses after deliberating on various options for running the session. Also Read – After 5 months, the doors of the Vaishnodevi temple opened for the devotees, but this is the way to see

Naidu had directed the officials to complete the preparations for the session by the third week of August, so that this system could be inspected and it could be finalized. The Rajya Sabha Secretariat has also been working continuously for this work for the last two weeks. Sources said that normally both houses meet together, but this time due to the extraordinary situation, one House will sit in the morning and the other will hold proceedings in the evening.

Due to Corona virus epidemic, the duration of the budget session of Parliament was cut and on March 23, both houses were adjourned sine die. As per convention, the session of Parliament convenes before the end of six months from the last session. Officials said that in order to stop the spread of Kovid-19, for the first time, seating arrangements are being made in the house, following the rules of social distance.

He informed that various parties will be allotted seats in the Rajya Sabha Chamber and galleries on the basis of the number and the remaining members will be seated in two sections of the Lok Sabha Chamber for the ruling parties and others. Within the Rajya Sabha Chamber, seats will be marked for the Prime Minister, Leader of the House, Leader of Opposition and leaders of other parties.

Former Prime Ministers-Manmohan Singh and HD Deve Gowda, along with Union Ministers and Rajya Sabha members- Ram Vilas Paswan and Ramdas Athawale, will also have seats identified in the Chamber of the House. Other ministers will be seated on the seats fixed for the ruling members.

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