From TV Roles To Cleaning Houses, SAG-AFTRA Goes On Strike. I’m Now The Same As Thousands Of Actors


From TV Roles To Cleaning Houses, SAG-AFTRA Goes On Strike. I’m Now The Same As Thousands Of Actors:

During the current SAG-AFTRA strike, Hollywood players find themselves between a rock as well as a hard place. This is best shown by one actor who is now doing strange jobs to make ends meet.

Josh Hooks, who has been upon shows such as “Will Trent,” “Swagger,” and “The Game,” joined us on “TMZ Live” on Monday to talk about how he and thousands of other performers as well as writers are keeping their jobs and money during the labor standoff.

Within July, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) as well as the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists went on strike.

What Is The Demand Of WGA?

They joined the Writers Guild of America in asking for better wages and stable employment as well as bringing attention to the fact that the streaming boom has made the differences between the film and TV industries even bigger.

Both writers and artists have gone upon protest at the same time for the very first time within over 60 years. After the guild’s deal with the American Motion Picture as well as Television Producers ran out, they went on strike.

The AMPTP is made up of studios as well as production companies in Hollywood, such as Netflix, NBC Universal, as well as Paramount.

Josh Have A Job Where He Cleans Houses As Well As He Additionally Doing Other Jobs:

Josh has a job where he cleans houses, and he also does a few other odd jobs. He says that now is an excellent opportunity to be good at many things. It seems like his closest friend these days is Craigslist.

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JH as well as his fellow strike actors are doing things that help them get by during this trying period, like leaning upon each other for assistance, which he adds means cooking and sharing food or sending someone to a fresh gig if there’s enough work to go around.

Josh Additionally Told That How COVID 19 Stopped His Progress From 2019:

He also thinks about how hard his life in show business has been lately. First, COVID stopped a lot of works for a long time, which stopped his progress from 2019. Now that he’s back on his feet, it’s time for him to strike.

Josh agrees with his union’s decision to go on strike, and he’s happy to be a voice for the many people who fight for improved working conditions.

He hopes that these disparities will be worked out soon, yet in the meantime, it’s clear that he’s doing what he can. just like a lot of other people.

Members Of Guild Can’t Work On AMPTP Project:

Members of the Guild who are on strike aren’t allowed to work on AMPTP projects or take part in promotional events like openings, festivals, as well as award shows.

At least 39 projects, including foreign and privately made movies and TV shows that are not part of SAG-AFTRA, can keep shooting.

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Based on these rules, some shows might “qualify for interim agreement,” per SAG-AFTRA’s strike order. A small number of shows that don’t break the strike order could get permission from the group to keep working.

What The Strike Means For TV Shows And Movies:

Deadpool 3:

Deadpool 3, the third installment in the Marvel character series, was put on hold because both of its stars and writers join the strike. It was one of the most significant endeavors that had to stop because of the strike.

Hugh Jackman posted a picture of his appearance as Wolverine with Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, on Instagram a few days before the stop.

Gladiator 2:

Paul Mescal as well as Pedro Pascal are in the Paramount movie, which has stopped filming in Malta. Variety says that when the strike started, the production had been in the middle of shooting a “complex sequence” alongside hundreds of extras in a copy of the Colosseum.

Still Being Filmed TV Shows And Movies:

The Chosen Season 4:

A tweet from the show’s account says that season four of an independent production about Jesus of Nazareth will still be shot during the strike.

Within a follow-up tweet, they stated that the show possesses “agreed to all of SAG’s requests as well as their interim agreement” as well as that the whole season is paid for by donations.

Bride Hard:

This action comedy is directed by Simone West, who also directed The Expendables 2. Rebel Wilson plays the lead role. British actors, such as the casts of House of Dragon as well as Industry, are not part of SAG-AFTRA.

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Mother Marry:

A24’s picture Mother Mary, which stars Anne Hathaway, Michaela Coel, as well as Hunter Schafer, has been given a SAG-AFTRA waiver because it is an independent film and is not connected to a company that is part of AMPTP.