G20 conference: The world will progress only when technology, financial support is available to developing countries: PM Modi


New Delhi / Riyadh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the G20 summit that instead of being isolated and fighting against climate change, integrated, comprehensive and holistic thinking should be adopted. He emphasized that the whole world can make rapid progress only when large-scale technology and financial support will be provided to developing nations. Also Read – PM Modi called Mulayam Singh Yadav, said- You are the most …

In his address on the topic “Protection of the Earth” at the G20 conference, Modi said that India is not only achieving its goal of Paris Agreement, but is doing more than that. “With our traditional nature of living in harmony with the environment and the commitment of the government, India has adopted the process of low carbon emissions and climate friendly development,” he said, adding that the whole world can progress at a rapid pace only when developing Countries should be provided technology and financial assistance on a large scale. Also Read – PM Modi said in G-20 meeting- After World War II, the biggest challenge facing the world is epidemic.

The Prime Minister said, “Everyone has to be prosperous for the prosperity of humanity. The labor should be focused on the human dignity of every worker rather than just looking at production. “He said that only with such a stand will the conservation of the earth be ensured. Also Read – Preparing to deliver Corona vaccine to every Indian, Prime Minister Modi holds important review meeting

Modi also attended the two-day 15th G20 summit organized by Saudi Arabia on the first day. The summit was attended by the Heads of Government or Heads of States, European Union, other invited countries and international organizations. In the wake of the Kovid-19 epidemic, this summit was conducted through digital medium.

Modi said that apart from saving the citizens and economies from the effects of the global pandemic, the fight against climate change will also have to be focused. “The challenge of climate change has to be dealt not with individual but integrated, comprehensive and holistic approach,” he said, adding that India is not only achieving its goal of Paris Agreement but exceeding it. is.

India is one of the countries to sign the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention. The objective of this agreement is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to a great extent. It was adopted at the “COP-21” conference on climate change in the French capital, Paris. Referring to the steps taken by India towards climate change, Modi said that the country has adopted low carbon emission and climate friendly development processes.

Referring to the efforts of the government in this direction, he said that the use of LED bulbs has been popularized in the country, which has reduced the emission of 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. He said that under the Ujjwala scheme, smokeless fuel has been made available to about eight crore families. This is the largest clean energy campaign in the world.

The Prime Minister said, “Efforts are being made to eradicate single use (once used plastic) in the country. The forest area of ​​the country is increasing. The population of lions and tigers is increasing. The government has set a target of making 20 million hectares of degraded land as common land by 2030. “He said that India is preparing metro networks, waterways and their next generation infrastructure.” He expressed hope that “India will achieve the target of producing 175 GW of renewable energy before 2022 and 450 GW by 2030”.


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