Gadar 2’s Seventh Day Of Box Office Earnings Puts It In The 300 Crore Box Office Club


Gadar 2’s Seventh Day Of Box Office Earnings Puts It In The 300 Crore Box Office Club:

Gadar 2, which stars Sunny Deol as well as Ameesha Patel, is taking over the screens like nothing else. The movie is breaking a lot of records, and within just a few days, it has made more than Rs 200 crore.

This is Anil Sharma’s first movie as a director, and it is a straight follow-up to a 2001 movie with the same name. In this actioner, Utkarsh Sharma plays the same role he did before, and Simrat Kaur gets her acting debut.

When Someone Yelled “Pakistan Zindabad” While Watching Gadar 2, It Caused A Fight:

A fight broke out between a group of people while they were watching Gadar 2 at Prasad Talkies within the Kotwali area. The fight was caught on video.

When a single individual pulled out his belt as well as started hitting another person, things got worse. Inside the theater, the situation caused chaos and a stampede-like scenario.

Several online news sites said that the fight started when someone yelled anti-national chants like “Pakistan Zindabad.” But this didn’t happen.

Later, the Barielly Police Station explained that the noise was made because the accused were drunk and did it while they were drunk.

Gadar 2 Day 7 At The Box Office:

Gadar 2’s 7th-day box office take is 36.50 cr, which might be possible based on what happened the day before and how well this movie did. “Gadar 2” has created a lot of noise at the movie theaters with its strong sales.

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On its first day, the movie did well, making around 40 crore. On Days 2 and 3, it did even better, making 43.08 crore and 51.7 crore, respectively.

Gadar 2 Made More Than 39 Million On Its Fourth Day:

Even though it fell to about 39 Cr upon Day 4, the movie came back on Day 5 with an estimated 55 Cr. “Gadar 2” is on a track for becoming a huge hit because it has already made 228.88 crore.

People are looking forward to seeing how well the movie does because it wants to keep doing well in the days to come.

Gadar 2, which stars Sunny Deol as well as Ameesha Patel, has done very well at the box office. The movie has been doing very well not just within India but all over the world, which is mirrored in how much money it has made at the box office.

A report from trade site Sacnilk says that the Anil Sharma-directed movie has become just the fourth Bollywood movie this year to make more than Rs 300 crore at the foreign box office.

The 100 Million Mark Was Passed By OMG 2 On August 16:

On the other hand, Akshay Kumar’s “OMG 2,” which came out the same day as “Gadar 2,” has done pretty well at the box office.

The movie, which stars Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam, as well as Pankaj Tripathi, has made more than Rs 100 crore worldwide as of Wednesday. A source said that the movie will also join the 100 crore net club, primarily by Saturday.

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Gadar 2 is about to make more than Rs 250 crore in its home country. The movie made Rs 40.10 crore on its first day, Rs 43.08 crore upon its initially Saturday, Rs 51.70 crore upon its initially Sunday, Rs 38.70 crore upon its initially Monday, surrounding Rs 55.50 crore on Independence Day, as well as is expected to make around Rs 30 crore upon its first Wednesday.

On Its First Day, OMG 2 Made Rs 10.26 Crore:

The satirical comedy-drama OMG 2 starring Akshay Kumar is expected to make more than Rs 75 crore in India. On its first day, OMG 2 made Rs 10.26 crore. On its initially Saturday, it made Rs 15.30 crore.

On its first Sunday, it made Rs 17.55 crore. On its first Monday, it made Rs 12.06 crore. On August 15, which was a holiday, it made around Rs 17.10 crore. On its first Wednesday, it is likely to make around Rs 6 crore.

Many Marks Are Being Broken By Gadar 2:

Gadar 2 is the follow-up to the 2001 movie “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” which was set during the Partition of India within 1947 and was directed by Anil Sharma.

The movie came out in theaters on August 11, and since then, it has broken many records at the box office.

Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Simratt Kaur, Manish Wadhwa, Gaurav Chopra, as well as Rakesh Bedi all play important parts in the movie.