Gal Gadot Might Be Imagining Wonder Woman 3


Gal Gadot Might Be Imagining ‘Wonder Woman 3’:

Over the past few weeks, Gal Gadot has confused DC fans by saying in interviews that James Gunn as well as Peter Safran told her directly within a meeting that they were going to collaborate alongside her on Wonder Woman 3, which was thought to be dead.

Gadot said, “James Gunn as well as Peter Safran asked me to meet with them.” “They told me, and I kept repeating them: ‘You’re within the best hands.

We’ll work with you to make Wonder Woman 3 happen. We love you to be Wonder Woman, so don’t worry about anything.’ So just wait and see.”

That sounded like a pretty solid answer, but new information seems to show that Gadot is incorrect and that this isn’t going to happen, or at least hasn’t been promised to her.

A Few Source Stated That There Is No Wonder Women 3:

Sources have stated that there’s no Wonder Woman 3 in the works and that Safran and Gunn are not working upon any other Wonder Woman projects besides the already announced Paradise Lost spinoff series for Max, which does not star Diana.

What went on here? Is Gadot making up this story? It seems likely that when she met with them, they said what they always say to actors such as The Rock as well as Henry Cavill, “Hey, we’d love to work together once again in the future if something comes up,” and she took that to mean they were making a new Wonder Woman movie.

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Cavil Is Coming Back After A Short Break With Superman Legacy:

This is a little confusing, though, because Gunn has already said that they didn’t replace Gadot to be Wonder Woman as well as that she wasn’t “fired.”

Gunn has said in the past that he wouldn’t mind if some stars played the same parts in the DCEU again, but Cavil is a clear example of why that won’t happen.

Aquaman, played by Momoa, the Flash, played by Miller, and Wonder Woman, played by Gadot, have always seemed to be hanging in the air, yet no projects have been named for each of them in the latest DCU plan.

Recently DCU Announced Superman: Legacy Is Coming Within 2025:

Chapter 1 of the DCU starts in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. It also includes Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Batman: The Brave as well as the Bold, Swamp Thing, and The Authority, as well as five TV shows: Creature Commandos, Waller, Lanterns, Booster Gold, as well as Paradise Lost.

The last one is a “Game of Thrones-type story” regarding Themyscira, the island country where Wonder Woman comes from. The story takes place before she was born, though, as well as “involves all the darkness, drama, as well as political intrigue behind this society of only women.”

Wonder Woman Made More Than $800 Million At Box Office:

In the 2017 movie Wonder Woman, Gadot made her first appearance to be Diana Prince, additionally recognized to be Wonder Woman.

The movie was a huge hit right away, and it continues to be among DC’s most popular movies. It made more than $800 million during the box office, which isn’t as much as Barbie did, but it’s still among the most successful movies ever made by a woman.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Made Less Impact At Box Office:

Wonder Woman 1984, which came out in 2020, didn’t do as well at the box office. The movie got average reviews, and the COVID pandemic, which caused many theaters to close as well as record-low box office numbers, also hurt it.

It doesn’t make much sense for the DCU to be an entirely novel version of the DC world while keeping some DCEU players and not others. But Gunn makes things harder because he has worked on DC movies in the past.

Is Gunn Going To Stop Making Peacemaker Happy?

Would he take Harley away from Margot Robbie? Was he going to stop making Peacemaker happy? Both are in the DC Extended Universe, yet he has direct ties to both. You are able to see how messy this is.

What is clear, though, was that Gal Gadot probably shouldn’t go around saying that Wonder Woman 3 will be happening when all reports say that it isn’t. She might be attempting to make it occur, or she might have misread, but either way, it’s very strange.