Gallardo’s reaction after the brutal kick that injured Robert Rojas: what he told him when they took him away on a stretcher


The gesture of the DT with Rojas after the injury

It was the situation that tarnished the victory with which River Plate started his way in Liberators cup. In the epilogue of the 1-0 against Lima Alliance, Aldair Rodriguezpowerless against the mark of Robert Rojas, applied one, two kicks from behind. The second, when she was already falling. And she seriously injured him in the tibia and fibula of his right leg, to the point that he was removed on a stretcher and will undergo surgery.

Immediately Juanfer Quintero took his head before his partner’s cries of pain, the first sign that it was not a common ailment. Something similar happened with Bruno Zuculini. Referee Wilmar Roldán showed the aggressor a yellow card, but realizing the seriousness of the case, he summoned him again and expelled him. Rodríguez left the field without even apologizing to his colleague, although the other members of the Alianza team were concerned.

Marcelo Gallardo understood the picture after the kinesiologist Jorge Bombicino approached him to inform him of the preliminary diagnosis. The Doll made a gesture of discomfort and immediately went to the path of the stretcher. There, he touched Rojas’s chest a couple of times and tried to comfort a leadership attitude, which he continued to display at the press conference.

The moment of Rodríguez’s brutal kick to Rojas

It is the bitter taste that remains beyond the victory, this triumph as a visitor. There the doctors told us that he may have a fracture in the tibia. Although this must be confirmed with the studies, it will take a long time to recover. It’s strong, it’s going to get ahead, it’s going to come back stronger”, said the counselor before the microphones.

A while later, he was more precise: “The diagnosis is fractured tibia and fibula. Robert is fine. El Gordo is a great guy, a very noble person and he’s going to be fine. You have to accompany him at this time “.

What did the DT say to the defender as soon as the kick was completed, while they took him to the locker room? “I tried to give him peace of mind and at that moment one has to be serene and even more so when a co-worker has an injury. These are the moments that you don’t want to live, and you have to try to support them”commented.

The victory for Group F of the competition (also made up of Colo Colo from Chile and Fortaleza) was left in the background even for Matias Suarez, author of the goal after 7 months of drought and a semester in which he was persecuted by injuries, so he celebrated it with all his teammates. But Rojas’ injury overshadowed his emotion. “After a long time I was able to play again. Marcelo always gave me confidence and I had been looking for this for a long time. But I am sad about Robert’s injury,” he noted.

River’s medical team carried out the first actions on the field of play and then he was transferred to a clinic for tests. The TV cameras captured the moment in which the doors of the ambulance were closed, while he was encouraged by River fans. There, even the 25-year-old Paraguayan smiled. At least a different epilogue for a bittersweet night for the Millionaire.


“If we have to analyze the game in general, we had control of it.”

“We are always beyond what we observe and how we should play. We have a variant in the game with different characteristics of the players. We have a game idea, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try different ways and the development of the game can change things. Juanfer (quintero) entered first and Matías later, and he gave us the chance to convert”.


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