Gambling impact on Indonesia


Gambling impact on Indonesia

Gambling regulations are pretty strict in Indonesia as well as in most of countries in Asia. A large variety of online gambling games is banned or limited in Indonesia. However, the government has also kept the people’s interests in mind. Some types of websites and games are available for Indonesians, mainly including online slots, blackjack, live casinos, roulette, baccarat, and poker games.

The impact of gambling in Indonesia has been quite pronounced in the past couple of years. From a tightly controlled environment, we now have a loosely regulated one in terms of online gambling. The precursors were there. All that the government needed to ease up on these regulations was widespread demand and popularity.

Gambling in Indonesia

Some facts related to gambling in Indonesia:

  1. A majority of gamblers and bets specifically lead to loss. People are generally not very informed about things and believe it’s all about luck. The truth is, you need to be good at deductions and patience to play well. Because most people aren’t, most people who gamble lose money instead of making money.
  2. It’s a type of gaming where earning money can sound like a shortcut. In truth, there are no shortcuts. Gambling ends up becoming a burden instead of a method of making money.
  3. Winning even small sums fills the gambler with euphoria. This makes them gamble more and more. This is the reason why gambling is addictive. Once someone is addicted to gambling, there’s a high chance they will keep gambling with their life savings and other valuable resources. Statistically, more people lose money than win on gambling platforms, and as such, it’s easy to say that over time, addicted gamblers might turn out to be in debt or out of their entire savings if they gamble a lot.

Should gambling be banned forever?

In that light, gambling should ideally be banned forever. But there are caveats.

  • Gambling is very popular and there will be an outcry if it’s banned.
  • Gambling contributes to the economy.
  • It’s a good recreational game if you stay in control of your finances.
  • Not everyone loses all the time.

What are the effects of gambling on the economy?

Gambling is a key part of any economy, including that of Indonesia. The way gambling contributes to the economy is by stimulating the economy’s cash flow. Casinos are taxed and that includes online casinos. Many locals play at Gclub web site which is publicly available online.

Companies that are operating under the laws of Indonesia and providing gambling services are paying taxes to the government. Usually, the taxes on gambling are significantly higher than those on other things such as essentials, goods, and basic amenities.

As such, gambling indirectly helps the economy improve its cash flow.

However, there are downsides as well:

  1. Online gambling doesn’t provide any local jobs. Traditional brick-and-mortar gambling places additionally generate employment for the region they are operating in.
  2. Online gambling platforms and casinos might be registered and licensed in countries other than Indonesia (for example, Curacao) because the taxes a gambling company has to pay in those countries are very low. If these platforms target Indonesian gamblers, then the money is only flowing out of Indonesia on a daily basis, unless everybody wins and earns a lot using these platforms (which is highly unlikely – a large portion of the people using gambling platforms tend to lose more than they make). Consequently, such platforms don’t help Indonesia’s economy at all but only damage it.
  3. In general, gambling can create all sorts of problems as we discussed in the previous section. If all that becomes commonplace then the economy will actually be hurt due to bankrupt people more than helped.


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