Gambling Trends and Laws in India and Pakistan


Why Are Countries Like India and Pakistan Suddenly So Interested in Gambling and What Are the Laws There?

We have witnessed online gambling growth in the past decade, and that trend didn’t skip India or Pakistan. A high percentage of these two countries’ population enjoy casino games or sports betting at least once a year. Different factors impacted the rise of online gambling, and we are going to tackle some of them. Also, we’ll dip into the gambling regulations in each of these two countries.

The Gambling Industry in India

India books an amazing rise of interest in gambling, whether it is sports betting or playing casino games. Reportedly over 80% of the population experiences some form of gambling during the year. Modern technology got easily accessible to lots of people, and especially younger generations. Nowadays, online casinos are accessible from smartphones or tablets, and a player only needs a stable internet connection.

Online casinos also recognized India as a massive market. It isn’t surprising since India is the second-most populated country in the world. On the other hand, online gambling is still a grey area in Indian laws, and offshore operators fully took advantage of that. Indian players became very welcomed in most offshore online casinos, which wasn’t the case just several years ago. Customers also got the opportunity to make transactions in Rupees, which is another convenience. Online casino games became very popular among Indian players, as they have the chance to enjoy the top-rated titles. The most respected software developers stand behind the games’ quality, which is another plus.

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Besides online casinos, sports betting also records increased activities. The number one sport in India is cricket, and the Indian Premier League is available for wagering in every reputable online sportsbook. Punters can back their favorite teams and spice up their experience while watching the game.

Although gambling is heavily restricted in India, there are no laws that specifically deal with online gambling. In terms of regulations, states have jurisdictions to regulate gambling activities on their territory. Only three states have legalized gambling – Sikkim, Goa, and Daman – thanks to the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act 1976. However, locals are not admitted to the physical venues, and only tourists can enjoy casino games. However, Indian players can perform gambling activities online, as they haven’t been prohibited.

The Gambling Industry in Pakistan

Interest in gambling is on a steep upline in Pakistan as well. Online casinos are accessible more than ever, and players can sign up in just a couple of minutes. Additionally, new customers can get a juicy welcome bonus and extend their time at the gaming table. The competition among the operators is huge, and they want to attract as many new players as possible.

Like in India, cricket is the most famous sport in Pakistan. Online sportsbooks made betting on this sport available, and viewers usually decide to put some money on their favorite teams. An increased interest in cricket betting can only attract more bookmakers to enter the Pakistani gambling market. Horse racing shouldn’t be underestimated as well, as it is a traditional Pakistani sport.

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Pakistan’s median age is pretty low, and there are more than 100 million people 30 years old or younger. Modern technology became easily accessible to this group of people, who got highly exposed to online gambling.

In terms of gambling legislation, the 1977 Gambling Prevention Act regulates the industry. Since Pakistan is an Islamic country, gambling is considered illegal by Islamic laws. The 1977 Gambling Prevention Act forbids gambling activities, but it doesn’t address online gambling. Logically, since it was put in place way before the internet was available to the majority of people these laws do not streatch to the online industry. Therefore, Pakistani players can play casino games on the internet at offshore online casinos. This page explained the Pakistan gambling laws in detail saving you a lot of time and headaches when it comes to understanding what’s legal and what isn’t.

Although it seems that gambling laws in Pakistan and India are almost the same,  it is not the case. Indian authorities work towards the legislation of online gambling. With this approach, the government wants to tackle corruption and face illegal bookmakers.


Online gambling will inevitably get regulated in both India and Pakistan. Youth generations will continue their online gambling activities, which won’t be decreased any time soon. Ultimately, the regulation of online gambling could bring some benefits to the governments’ budget through taxes.