Game of Thrones could have animated series on HBO Max


HBO Max has already in its early stages of development an animation series of Game of Thrones, as reported in The Hollywood Reporter.

No details have been released, and it may not even come to fruition, but THR reports that HBO is already meeting with writers for the project. The animated series would continue to have the same adult style of the original series.

Representatives for HBO Max have declined to comment. We do not know if the series will follow the events of the original series or different ones within the universe of it.

The intention to create spin-offs of the series continues to grow as you can see, something that HBO has long wanted after the success of the series. They are already with the adaptation of “Tales of Dunk and Egg”, novels that explore the adventures of Ser Duncan e Alto and Aegon Targaryen. House of the Dragon is a prequel series focused on the Targaryen family itself, and it already stars Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and director Geeta Patel (The Witcher). It will be released in 2022, we hope.

It won’t be the first HBO Max original series: CLose Enough is already in the works, with Everyday Stories creator JG Quintel premiering in 2020.

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