Gamer buys a PS5 controller and gets a very creative scam


We know that sometimes console components are somewhat expensive, and that becomes even more apparent when some users like to search through sales pages. One of the most famous is eBay, but you know what happens when the purchase is not made on an official company platform, right? That same user should have thought here, who wanted a PS5 DualSense controller and what he took reveals that the seller is a true artist:

Ordered a ps5 controller off eBay, wtf is this from r/gaming

You can’t say it doesn’t look alike. It’s pretty good, even with the black paint on the bottom, though the blue stripes are missing. But you can’t have everything in this life. In this case, neither what has been requested. The detail is that it came perfectly inside his PS5 controller box and all.

eBay has offered to hunt down bogus PS5-related offers, because they actually had to track down speculators. In this case, the story is funnier than anything else. See if that Xbox controller works on the PS5 …

Source: Gamerant

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