Genshin Impact introduces its new character with a video gameplay loaded with action and history


MyHoyo’s game is updated this January 5 with YunJin, the protagonist of the trailer, and Shenhe.

The phenomenon of Genshin Impact is still in fashion, and miHoyo continues to stretch the life of the video game with new content that is arriving periodically. Next January 5 we will have update 2.4 of the title, of which we have already advanced the news, but to start 2022 they have wanted to delve deeper into one of the characters.

Apart from Shenhe, of which they have shared a video of his plot, they have published a new trailer where we see in action Yun Jin, the other character that will arrive with the update. In the video, about a minute and a half long, we see fragments of gameplay with the protagonist fighting with a spear as a weapon, while delving into her story.

She is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Company.Without talking in detail about their abilities, the video shows us some of them, seeing things like their normal attack, Caress of the clouds, or the charged one, which consumes an amount of Stamina performing a forward attack that deals damage to everyone who it crosses in the direction. Their Talents stand out on the official website. The first is Disipadora from the storm clouds, which causes Geo damage and, if we hold it down, accumulates strength to create a shield that absorbs damage in proportion to the maximum life we ​​have. The second is Rockbreaker Banner, which deals Geo damage again but in area, and grants all nearby team members the effects of Cloud Pennants, which increase damage based on defense.

Genshin Impact

About her history, we are told that Yun Jin is the current director and pillar of the Yun-Han Opera Company, and that sometimes she takes the stage herself. Her followers often come to hear her sing at the Heyu Tea House, which has more and more regular customers due to the success of Yun Jin, and of which Fan Erye, its administrator, is very satisfied.

As we say, Genshin Impact update 2.4 arrives on next january 5 to the different platforms, after having already enjoyed the last winter update. The miHoyo brand has received several accolades throughout this past year, in addition to being the most popular title on Reddit in 2021, making video games themselves the entertainment sector that has generated the most visits.

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